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Hints and tips for making the most of your texture entries

We've already had some really lovely entries for the contest which you can view here -

However we've had a lot of artists asking for clarification on some of the rules of the contest and how they should go about making the most of their entries, so we've put a bit of a list together for you here

:bulletgreen: Take the time to explain your textures and how they relate to your world! :bulletgreen:

:bulletorange: There is no reason why you can't put in a few details about why you chose the textures you did for your triptych and what they mean to you . In fact this is positively encouraged, not only to help us judge your entry, but to also help other artists understand your concept and your world :)

:bulletgreen: How do I put my 3 textures together in a triptych? :bulletgreen:

:bulletblue: PirateLotus-Stock has popped a quick tutorial here together for you here:
Triptych Tutorial by PirateLotus-Stock

:bulletgreen: Must my 3 images that make up the triptych be all the same size or orientation? :bulletgreen:

:bulletorange: The simple answer is NO! :D Your textures are also art, and you should consider your entry to the contest as an artistic endeavor. Make your texture triptych as beautiful or as unique as you like. The only "rule" that we ask you to abide by is that each of your 3 textures must meet the minimum size requirement of 1000 pixels on the shortest side - and we are checking submissions to make sure they are!!

:bulletgreen: Can I include a .zip or .rar file of my individual textures on my submission? :bulletgreen:

:bulletorange: Yes! By all means add a zip or rar including individual versions of your 3 textures with your submission. All we ask is that your "preview" - being the official part of your contest submission should meet all the main requirements, IE be a triptych and be no smaller than 1000 pixels on the shortest side of each individual texture and be submitted to the resources/texture gallery.

For an example of this please see this texture triptych here -
Snow Covered World by Elandria Winter Textures Stock by pica-ae

The preview image shows the triptych, and each individual texture is 1000 px or move whilst in the zip file the original size textures are available.

:bulletgreen: Can I use brushes and other stock/resources in my digitally created textures? :bulletgreen:

:bulletorange: Yes you may, HOWEVER! Any stock or brushes you use that are created by other artists MUST be duly credited AND MUST be from sources that permit redistribution. You are making a set of textures for other artists to use so you must take that into consideration when selecting stock and resources.

:bulletgreen: What exactly do you classify as a texture? :bulletgreen:

:bulletorange: Wikipedia tells us the following -


Physical texture, also known as actual texture or tactile texture, are the actual variations upon a surface. This can include, but is not limited to, fur, wood grain, sand, smooth surface of canvas or metal, glass, and leather. It differentiates itself from visual texture by having a physical quality that can be felt by touch. Specific use of a texture can affect the smoothness that an artwork conveys. For instance, use of rough surfaces can be visually active, whilst smooth surfaces can be visually restful. The use of both can give a sense of personality to a design, or utilized to create emphasis, rhythm, contrast, etc.[1]

Light is an important factor for physical artwork, because it can affect how a surface is viewed. Strong lights on a smooth surface can obscure the readability of a drawing or photograph, whilst they can create strong contrasts in a highly texture surface such as moose or pigs.


Visual texture is the illusion of having physical texture. Every material and every support surface has its own visual texture and needs to be taken into consideration before creating a composition. As such, materials such as canvas and watercolour paper are considerably rougher than, for example, photo-quality computer paper and may not be best suited to creating a flat, smooth texture. Photography, drawings and paintings use visual texture both to portray their subject matter realistically and with interpretation. Texture in these media are generally created by the repetition of shape and line.

Implied texture is a visual texture that has no basis in everyday reality. It is most often utilized in works of abstraction.

In the case of our contest, we are looking for visual representations of physical textures, created traditionally, digitally or photographically that reflect YOUR WORLD.

Think of a scene, and then break that scene down in your head, for example, my bathroom has cold reflective white porcelain of the sink and bath, next to soft warm fuzzy towels and on the window ledge I have a glass bottle filled with seashells.

Another example, walking in my favorite park, sparkling reflection of the lake, giant reflective chrome balls in the childrens play area, moss on the trees or the white bark of the birch trees themselves.

If I were creating a triptych of these "scenes" I would break down my images into those clearly defined textures - rather than photograph or recreate the "scene" itself.

:bulletgreen: Where can I find all the rules of the contest? :bulletgreen:

Texture Your World ContestTell us the story of your world in textures!
We are surrounded 24 hours a day by objects that have texture, they may be smooth or bobbly, old or new, bold, bright, shiny or dull. You might see a texture every day and never notice it until you start looking. Do you sit at a desk that's textured, or pass an interesting tree on the way to work or school?
We want you, in the form of a triptych (thats 3 images forming a larger image see example here - ) to tell us the story of your textured world. Each individual texture should stand on its own, both as a useful resource and as a cohesive part of the whole story. What story you tell through your texture triptych is up to you - but they must be textures that tell a story of your world in some way.
There are 3 categories for this contest, each of which you can submit to twice.
Digital stock
These are textures created digitally by

Community Relations
Information and tips for making the most of your entry to the "Texture Your World" contest
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