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Stock and Resources Updates Feb 2013

Mon Feb 18, 2013, 2:25 PM

Heading Into 2013

We are well on our way towards the warmer part of the year for those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere, and whilst we shake off our winter blues and snow boots, our Southern Stockers have been wowing us with new beautiful stock and resources (whilst sweltering in the heat!)

Gallery Cleanup

The gallery cleanup is still going on, but with a reminder to be patient with us, we know its not easy but we have a very VERY big gallery and just a few people (mostly just Erin and myself) tackling the issue, but its not been forgotten or ignored. Erin and I are also very busy with home life as well ;)

If you feel we've missed out on a sub category (sadly this is very likely right now as we concentrate our efforts on the most used/submitted to areas) please feel free to note us and point us in the right direction!

New Submission Page and Updated Gallery Descriptions

The new submission page has been launched meaning that gallery descriptions and "example" deviations for each sub category are now much much more visible and we hope (with a few adjustments to the examples which is still going on) that the category definitions make it much easier for you to find and submit your stock and resources to the very best location to make the most of your exposure!

January Stock & Resources Daily Deviation Roundup

Stock and Resources DD Roundup January 2013:iconelandria:
Features by Elandria

Rare white raven 2 by DarkBeforeDawn23 Burg Hassenstein 6 by ceeek-stock

Little Rabbit Stock by Isalovesphotography dapple bay mare - stock by s-uperflu0us Tree Stock #16 by Noireuse
:thumb282426572: A Gentleman's Last Act Stock Pack 01 by Null-Entity Fireworks 36 by AreteStock

Brocade lady stock11 by The-Wild-Kat Lilianne stock 1 by Kuoma-stock Ruin by the sea by Queenselphie
Bubble Reflection Tutorial by FireFlyExposed Haunted Inspiration by anettfrozen Medieval Gown and Cloak by Eveningarwen

Features by PirateLotus-Stock
The Shortcuts Glosary by Lumaga New Gothic Lolita 18 by Kechake-stock Eiswelten I by mimose-stock
viking stock 22 by Liancary-art Dragon Scales Hi-Rez by rslewisphotos Barn Owl 11 by Chocomix-Stock

Waterfall Norway by Seluias-stock Forest Dreams 65 by ky-sta Paper Charm Bracelet Tutorial by Crimefish
Frosted Glass Brush by dierat Shrines : Temple Building 08 by taeliac-stock 1109 by Slug22

Polymer clay eye tutorial (for plushies) by nfasel :thumb345419186: Model Stock-J5 by ktryon
Coral 25 by Lauren-Lee Unrestricted Moss and Stone Texture Pack by emothic-stock Mushyrooms by Dracoart-Stock
:thumb332828915: White as Snow XIII by Zsuccubus-Stock :thumb328203329:
January 2013 Daily Deviation Roundups!Once again we've compiled a blog of all of our Daily Deviation Roundups so that you can browse the articles much easier! Enjoy :heart:
:bulletblue:General Photography from 3wyl
:bulletblue:General Photography from Kaz-D
:bulletblue: Abstract + Surreal Photography
:bulletblue: Animals, Plants + Nature Photography
:bulletblue: Architecture
:bulletblue: Cosplay

Texture Your World Contest

Texture Your World ContestTell us the story of your world in textures!
We are surrounded 24 hours a day by objects that have texture, they may be smooth or bobbly, old or new, bold, bright, shiny or dull. You might see a texture every day and never notice it until you start looking. Do you sit at a desk that's textured, or pass an interesting tree on the way to work or school?
We want you, in the form of a triptych (thats 3 images forming a larger image see example here - ) to tell us the story of your textured world. Each individual texture should stand on its own, both as a useful resource and as a cohesive part of the whole story. What story you tell through your texture triptych is up to you - but they must be textures that tell a story of your world in some way.
There are 3 categories for this contest, each of which you can submit to twice.
Digital stock
These are textures created digitally by
Texture Your World Contest Hints and TipsHints and tips for making the most of your texture entries
We've already had some really lovely entries for the contest which you can view here -
Traditional Art Textures
Photographic Textures
Digital Art Textures
However we've had a lot of artists asking for clarification on some of the rules of the contest and how they should go about making the most of their entries, so we've put a bit of a list together for you here
:bulletgreen: Take the time to explain your textures and how they relate to your world! :bulletgreen:
:bulletorange: There is no reason why you can't put in a few details about why you chose the textures you did for your triptych and what they mean to you . In fact thi

stockandresources.deviantart.c… Traditional Texture Stock
stockandresources.deviantart.c… Photographic Texture Stock
stockandresources.deviantart.c… Digital Texture Stock

You have a few weeks left yet to get your entries in!!


Contests To Check Out!

Wings Of Love Contest!! ENDED-Vote Now!!Well our contest has ended and we have some amazing art to choose from!!  
The polls are up to vote!!
Hello Everyone!
It's time for another contest!
The theme for the contest is "Wings of Love". I've thought really hard about this, and I'm allowing you to make a darker piece for the contest. I figure love can be dark and light too. However, I don't want the pieces TOO dark. I don't want to see someone killing someone or any "real" bloody hearts.
Sooo here are the rules
:bulletpink: Must be new, as of February 13, 2013
:bulletpink: Contest will run from February 13, 2013 to March 14, 2013
:bulletpink: You may enter two pieces, only one will be choosen for any prize though
:bulletpink: Must be a photomanipulation
:bulletpink: ALL stocks must be credited and linked with a direct link to the im

Each season brings a different experiences and emotions, different atmosphere, a different colour pallette.
Winter is a time for reflection and rest, a cycle of life-death-rebirth,  
the inward journey, embracing darkness and silence.
Winter days are short, with long nights. The cold weather can make us sad and lethargic.
The season offers a sense of calmness and makes us feel peaceful.
The most romantic time of the year?
A snowy, frosty, cold world or rain and endless grey skies can be beautiful
but some people find that they become seasonally depressed as they receive less light in winter.
People feel tired and sluggish during winter. Too cold, gloomy, depressing?
Do you feel the winter blues or you enjoy the season?
Go back to your memories and keep your focus on your experience and emotions.
Show us your feelings about winter.
Show us your winter, in your past or childhood.
:snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowfl
The 50 Foot / 50 Hand Challenge! CLOSED!THIS CHALLENGE IS NOW CLOSED! But feel free to do it just for fun/improvement!
This was a drawing challenge from :iconSenshiStock: and :iconmostlyguystock:!
Hands and feet are pretty hard to draw. Lots of artists struggle with them! Even when other things come naturally, hands and feet can still be quite a problem. The best way to get better at drawing hands and feet is to study them!
The Challenge: Sketch or draw 50 feet AND 50 hands from reference photos or life.
Deadline: The deadline has passed for this challenge, but you can still participate and make yourself a better artist!
You can post them as one giant post, in groups, one at a time, however you want! But please make a FOLDER in your gallery and put them all in there then send me a link to the folder. (If you do one submission with ALL of them at once, then you don't need the folder.)
HOW TO QUALIFY: In order to make this a little easier for myself, please number yo

Mini Contest - One Image, One Month , CLOSEDEDIT/
Contest is closed. Im running late, sorry! Its been one of them weeks, one of them days actually but I think Ive added everyone's images, can you double check, and Ill double check but Im pretty sure I have them all thumbed :) If I've managed to overlook anyones please poke me!
The winner will be announced in the morning, and the next image will be shared <3 Many thanks to everyone that entered, this has been my most successful contest in quite some time and it really makes my heart sing when I see so many lovely pieces!
/end edit
Hello lovlies!
Its been a very very long time since Ive ran a contest here on DA. In fact the last few times I tried this, it ended in huge failure. I figure its time to try again! If this works well, it will become a monthly thing, and how awesome is that!
The contest is simple. You have one image, and one month to turn it into something amazing. The prize, a one month subscription.
The image you need to use is

The deadline is Febru
Movie Poster Contest - CLOSEDUPDATE No. 5:  What an incredible line-up of entries! Great work from everyone who submitted images to the contest. Now the hard task of picking the winning entries. This will take about a week, since we need to get feedback from several members of the cast and the development team. We will have the results no later than this weekend (April 7th).  In the mean time, check out the final roster of entries here:   .
Thanks again to everyone who entered!
UPDATE No. 4: 3 more days for this contest! And coincidentally just 3 more artists until we reach the PRIZES X 4 level of the contest!  Come on, there's plenty of time to enter and you'll be in excellent company - what an incredible list of entries we've received so far (check them all here: ) .  See below for complete details.
UPDATE No. 3A: Wit
Use my Stock - Contest! (CLOSED)This contest is now closed. It will take a moment before I announce the winners, but stay tunned everyone!! :la:
1 day left, + one additional day for the late projects!
There is so many great entries so far, wonferdul work everyone!
:bulletblue: Create an Artwork by using LaLunatique Photo Stocks :bulletblue:
The prizes might increase depending of the available resources and number of contestants
Everyone will be featured into this journal
1st 750 :points: and an Exclusive stock pack from :iconPirateLotus-Stock:
2nd 350 :points: and Exclusive stock pack from :iconPirateLotus-Stock:
3rd 200 :points:
Saturday, March 16th, 2013
Two entries per deviant maximum
What is allowed into the contest
:bulletblue: Digital art
:bulletblue: Traditional art
:bulletblue: Photo Montage
:bulletblue: 3D art
How to submit
Simply post the link of your devi

Help Needed!

Khudozhnik-Stock Is looking for help for a new stock orientated project, check out full details below!
Magazine Concept by Khudozhnik-Stock HELP NEEDED!!! (on a new project)About Project 'stock-A-zine'...
As you all can read in the description of the Magazine Concept, I was looking for a challenge that could contribute to my personal portfolio. As a member of the deviantart stock community, I didn't have to think long or hard to figure out a subject for this project.
As in normal life, a magazine is compiled, designed and edited by teams of people with a various set of skills. As for this project...  I can't do it all alone. This magazine is going to be (or I hope it will) a huge collaboration between me, the whole DA community (with any relation to stock) and deviantART itself!
English is not my main language, but I do alright, for online communities, I guess. At writing journalistic, editorial stuff, I know I can not compete with native English writers. Also the amount of written content in a magazine would be too much for one person to write in a considerable amount of time.
That's where I would like to call in the help of

News From Around the Site

Site Update: Bug Fixes and DiscussionIn our continuous effort to improve the deviantART experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes to the site, bug fixes, and feedback that was brought up by members in the last Site Update.
Change Log
The 'Report Deviation' modal would extend past the height of the browser, on smaller screen resolutions. Fixed by aMoniker
Blocking a Group would not prevent a user from receiving Correspondence messages from that group, or remove their deviations from that Group's gallery or favourites. Fixed by yury-n
Panoramic images did not display properly in the message center. Fixed by aMoniker
Journals submitted to Groups were not properly formatted on the Group's Journal page. Fixed by shadowhand
The "Remove from Messages" button would appear
Site Update: DMCA Reporting, Multiple UploadsIn our continuous effort to improve the deviantART experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes to the site, bug fixes, and feedback that was brought up by members in the last Site Update.
What's New
Improved DMCA Reporting System
DeviantART is dedicated to protecting our artists, and in an effort to be able to more quickly handle complaints by deviants who have had their rights infringed on, we have changed the way we receive complaints from the artist or the copyright holder.
We have now enabled artists and copyright holders to file DMCA takedown requests through an easy to use form. The DMCA is a formal notice and takedown system for copyright owners. It is not an arbitrary set of rules created by deviantART; it is a legal process which is respected the world o
Improved DMCA Reporting System
Hello, deviants! In an effort to keep the community informed and to provide the best possible experience for our members, we wanted to inform you of changes to our reporting system.
DeviantART is dedicated to protecting our artists, and in an effort to be able to more quickly handle complaints by deviants who have had their rights infringed on, we have changed the way we receive complaints from the artist or the copyright holder.
In the past, we took reports by the copyright holder in two different ways: An informal report via the Report Violation tool and a formal complaint via contacting the Help Desk. While both of these methods were effective, they presented many setbacks.

The informal report did not gather all the necessary information for a formal copyright complaint and was prone to misuse by well-meaning deviants who would attempt to report images they did not own the copyright to

Photomanipulation News and Feature - 17 Feb 2013Welcome!
Welcome to the February edition of the Photomanipulation News and Feature. I want to thank all the folks at CRPhotomanipulation and everyone around the community who wrote me with suggestions and requests; you made this newsletter possible. We have a lot of exciting things to share with you; let's get started!
Are you new to photomanipulation?
Whether you've been on dA for 1 month or 10 years, if you are new to photomanipulation, we want to hear from you. What kinds of resources do you need as you develop your skills? Do you want a place to network (make connections), share tutorials together, etc.? Do you want mentors? How can the more established members of the photomanipulation community work with you? Drop me (Aeirmid) a note personally or shoot a message to CRPhotomanipulation. We'd love to hear your thoughts.
Food for Thought: Sportsmanship and Artistry
Can I speak metaphorically for a moment? :XD: Le
Undiscovered Weekly: Stock + Resource:iconnexu4:

Hello :)
Astrikos :bulletblue: Hello! Thank you for participating! Please introduce yourself!
I don't remember participating anywhere... :blush: .. ok ... I will try to introduce myself a little bit.
My name is Claudia, I'm 47 years old (omg) and I'm living in a small town in Germany's "Kohlenpott" (Ruhrgebiet) with my daughter.
I love nature and animals and of course photographing them. My first camera was an old olympus analog camera from my father , but I took photos rarely. With the community of dA I was inspired to make many more photos ^^.

Astrikos :bulletblue: What camera do you use for capturing stock?
After my old Canon Eos 300D was broken I love to make shots with a Canon Eos 400D, which
The unseen stock - FebruaryI promised to make a monthly stock feature, and here is the first one =)
I will try to give you a collection of mostly stock that has not so many favourites so you can discover new great stock artists and resources!
Hope you enjoy!
Model Stock

Waiting by Elisa-ErianDaenerys Stock 2 by MikkiCrossCCNordic Warrior #2 by Liancary-artTeira 17 by TasastockNinfa by Kato-FantasyViviane 13 by Kuoma-stock
Ghost IV Stock by SusanaDS-StocksMasquerade 4 by kirilee:thumb349944136:Pirate Stock 10 by MelHeflinsnow elf #6 by Liancary-art
Begonia 7 by PirateLotus-StockNature nymph stock by Kato-Fantasydaniela andrea stock 13 by ayumidany14
Lacko castle, hallway by RavensLanefactory ruins 270 by gestandene:thumb347352784:
:thumb349542035::thumb352293226:Foggy Forest 30 by NessaPalmerStockCleaning My Bathroom STOCK 01 by DiamonEyes
0001 by RockStocksSky stock 52 by Muse-of-StockMountain 299 - vertiginous path on the top by Momotte2stocks
Untitled by feainne-stockStock0702132 by Solanaceae85Marco Island Beach Evening 6 by Lauren-LeeCape Nelson 4 by FallowpenStock
Rolling Waves at Sunset by WhimseystockMontain-stock streamy by streamy-stockMist2 by DavidofArbelaStockMultnomah Falls 3 by destinysWalrus
Stock - Light Snow Fall in Fintry by SimplyBackgroundsSTOCK Coolangatta Beach 126 by fillyroxZauberwald XIII by mimose-stock

Stock Requests!We've got a ton of requests, stockers! Take a look and see if there's anything you can help with ^.^
Stock Requests
Ever wanted to request for a specific male stock pose, but didn't know who to ask? WELL! Now you can!
Put your requested poses here, in the comments of this journal, and I will keep an updated list below so that male stock providers can come and look to see what's needed, and hopefully they can fulfill these requests! I'll update the journal whenever I get a new request, and I'll repost the journal every once in a while to make sure people keep seeing it :) I'll put your username next to the request so that the stockers know who to notify once the request is fulfilled!
Requested Male Stock
:bulletpurple: skydancer-stock has some of these skydancer-stock -> :bulletgreen: Mahlattu: Nude animal-ish poses. (for drawing e.g. primitive humans or werewolves and other animal-people)
:bulletgreen: :devset

Contest Winners

Contest Winners Announced!We have fiiiiinally finished judging the contest... but we got distracted by the possibility of seeing Null-Entity's bed hair. Because that is obviously more important than me posting this journal and flinnshinanginginn.
Ok. So for the Beginners
First place is awarded to TeukkiSS

For his wish upon a shooting star and new dreams and jibblybits.
Second place is awarded to SageFillyLuna

For the new light of a new hope and DUH DUH DUH DUM-DA-DUUHM DUM-DA-DUUUUUMN!! *cue mask noises and you WILL continue this soundtrack in your heads.. NOW*
Third Place is awarded to heart-with-an-angel
For a remergence of a destroyed human race after the tepid stage of war with the aliens PEW PEW PEW
And the honourable mention goes to puzzledpixel

For the Advanced category
The award for first place goes to hecrol

Second place goes to falsegodz


Recently Faved Stock Features

Forest Queen 1 by kirilee

Cloister by AustriaAngloAlliance

Gothic Arch Stock by SusanaDS-Stocks

Lake Cave by faestock

WIP Tribute to Marta by Jennyeight

Stock 196 by UmbraDeNoapte-Stock
Broken stone texture red by Seeb-san

Sword End Sky by deswitath

Couple Stock, snow elf+ viking by Liancary-art

Environment-Brushes by TheEchoDragon

Stock and Resources Updates and News February 2013
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