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Stock and Resources Nov/Dec Roundup

Wed Dec 19, 2012, 5:19 AM

Stock updates, HOLIDAYS!

:rudolph: So, the holiday season is upon us, and I am writing this from a computer that has been attacked by tinsel and other shiny things that keep distracting me!!

:rudolph: PirateLotus-Stock and I wish our entire stock and resources community a safe, magical and warm festive season no matter when or how you celebrate!  After the recent devastating news of the killings in Connecticut its a hard reminder that family and friends can be swept away from us in the blink of an eye, so cherish them and smother them in love every chance you get.  We all know that there are many out there who won't be able to, and we send you our love. :heart:

:rudolph: The stock community has been ticking along quite nicely the last month or so which is lovely to see, we really dislike drama affecting the stock & resources galleries and try to head it off where we can!  This is a reminder to everyone that we are here to help you, no matter what the issue or problem and that its important that you tell us what's going on - we can't help otherwise!  If I am not available, then Erin ( PirateLotus-Stock will be or vice versa.  In fact, its not just Erin and I but the entire community volunteer team along with our awesome bosslady Moonbeam13 who are here to help you should you need it!  Don't be worried about getting in contact with us!!

:rudolph: NEW STOCK CONTEST ON THE WAY!  Yes, you heard it here first! We are in the process of finalising and organising a new all encompassing stock contest for you which we will tell you more about in the new year! :excited:  This one is designed to get the entire community involved no matter what type of stock or resources you make currently ;)

News and Features from around the community

You may have already seen/read/faved some of these but if you haven't they are well worth checking out!!


This...To that #7Welcome to Issue 7
:bulletpink: Welcome to the seventh edition of This... To That, showcasing stock, and the artwork produced with it :)
:bulletpink: Many thanks for all the stock providers and artists featured here!
:bulletpink:If you would like to suggest artwork and stock to be featured in the next edition, please send me a NOTE with links and THIS TO THAT SUGGESTION in the subject line!
Satine 21 by faestock -> Song of Raven by matrix124
Blue Liquid stock by PirateLotus-Stock -> Babe Invasion by EnvisageU
Diana by PirateLotus-Stock -> defense by emerito1983 and Goddess of Fire by Rafaelll90


Faux Asian 8 by PirateLotus-Stock -> Neil Gaiman's Death by Llyzabeth
Thingymajig by PirateLotus-Stock -> Judgment Day by lyy1989117
Lebanese monuments by sara-hel -> The Warrior by sara-hel
No Time to Stand and Stare 2 by Elandria -> :thumb336022295:
Gothic Doll Stock by MariaAmanda -> :th
Groups: Tutorial + Resources  There are many groups on deviantART. DeviantART Community aims to help you find ones that you are looking for, or introduce you to new ones you have never seen before!


Deviousness Award Interview with UnicornRealityWhat is this Awesome Achievement?
The Deviousness Award is an accolade which is traditionally handed out
on the 1st of every month to one truly outstanding deviant.
The Deviousness Award for December 2012 goes to UnicornReality.

Hi Fiona! So, now you're new in Ponyville, in fact you're now in the court of Princess Celestia, give us an introduction to yourself.
:iconlazywaveplz: Hello Everypony! :iconbrohoof1plz::iconbrohoof2plz:
I am UnicornReality also known as Fiona. I have reached level 26 in life and think I am doing alright so far.
On dA I have had the privilege of first being made a senior member, then I got a chance to look after the Stock and Resources gallery wi

For the Love of...WINTERStock Gallery
Stock Rules
Art Account
Get free CSS like this
For the Love of Winter
If you are new to this series, basically they work like this: a keyword is chosen, and then some stuff from Stock and Resources that comes up with that keyword gets featured! YAY!
Perhaps you have the fire going and are huddled in your blankets and slippers, or maybe you haven't had that first really cold day yet and are just dying to see snow.  Either way, here are some chilly resources for you to feast your eyes on!

Stock Use and Stock Art Feature 06Pre-festive activities hold me firmly in their grip - from the company Christmas party to some visits of various Christmas markets in the area to getting all presents ready. I saw I haven't done one of my features in a while, so I decided to get one out now before I have to do whatever else again ^^
Favourite Art using my stock


............................. by AnithkaCreator Recovered by Brainrex

Royal Friends by xeena-dragonkizz Succumbing by AlastairBurnquist
Stock Art

Stone Steps by fuguestock Abandoned Casino Stock IX by Sasa-Stock
HOLIDAY STOCK-O-RAMA! (and CAMERA!):iconstardivplz::iconstardiv2plz::iconstardiv3plz:

:below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below:
HUGE HOLIDAY STOCK FEATURE!!!!!!!!  (Hm.  Did I put enough exclamation marks?)  Oh well, good enough.  This has got to be the most epic feature I've done yet!  : D  I hope you all enjoy; this will be up until the end of December.
:holly: So here are the coolest and most fun holiday stock resources I could find--anything you could ever need for your yuletide creations!  From funny to traditional, to religious, it's all here!  And so, here I showcase a North Pole-sized bunch of fantastic stock photographers and their relatively unseen stock and resource pictures for use for reference, photomanipulation, and other sundry awesomeness. So please, check these guys out!  *** And remember to read the photographers' stock rules--VERY important.***   C: :holly:
:bulletred:  Oh, and speaking of yuletide con

:thumb340874834: From Resources to Fractal Art #2:ahoy:
Welcome to my new serie : "From Resources to Fractal Art".
What is really interesting in the fractal community, is the way deviants interact between each others to share their knowledge with tutorial or Parameters Pong (Sharing Parameters to tweak the main fractals).
Therefore, in this article I'm going to select a resource randomly and show you how to start from a tutorial to achieve a wonderful fractal.
This week, let's take a look at Fiery-Fire & SaTaNiA tutorial : Splits Elliptic Fractals
We were hanging in the :#aposhack:,ponging some params and then a wonderful idea came to us ! What about explaining this simple technique to the deviants.
When we released this tutorial, we honestly didn't think it was going to be such a loved technique!
Some deviants even says : "It is a elliptic-splits mania on DA" :giggle:
This tutorial is a step by step o


November Daily Deviation RoundupsOnce again we've compiled a blog of all of our Daily Deviation Roundups so that you can browse the articles much easier! Enjoy :heart:
:bulletblue:General Photography from 3wyl
:bulletblue:General Photography from Kaz-D
:bulletblue: Conceptual Photography
:bulletblue: Cosplay
:bulletblue: Darkroom Photography
:bulletblue: Horror & Macabre Photography
Stock and Resources DDs- November 2012:iconelandria:
Stock and Resource DDs given by Elandria

Snow White Stock by yale-stockPlushie Pattern Tutorial by NataliaVulpes

dreamcatcher series stock #04 by MachineFairyWater Brush like Paint Tool SAI in Photoshop by Bhansith78 by NastiaOsipovaStock
:thumb335393839:008 by AngelicStockCreationAnimals - Amur Leopard 1 by MoonsongStock
Old Book Stock Pack by maslenitsa:thumb337357286:Complete 'Digital Painting' and 'GIMP' Tutorial by nataliebeth
Stock and Resource DDs given by PirateLotus-Stock

STOCK: Adriatic Shoreline by lenkaltmanRed Cloth Stock II by GillianStock051 by Ophelia-Stock
Windmill by Leina1:thumb325146128:How to be creative with textures (Forest) by ChristinaKingma

ADAM by SteveWackenKingRed 3 by Mihaela-VStockanimal 13 by Dark-Wolfs-Stock
Vikings' ship by Dracona666STOCK:thumb335885504:Dark Blue Wall Texture by Limited-Vision-Stock


Pimps and Whoas - December 13, 2012Pimps
Official dA News
:bulletpurple: Celebrating Deviousness December 2012
:bulletpurple: Odyssey Propulsion 6
:bulletpurple: Holiday Headquarters 2012
:bulletpurple: Realm of Fantasy - The Anatomy of a Group
:bulletpurple: Be Vigilant of Phishing Scams
:bulletpurple: Gratitude
Things to Do!Stock Gallery
Stock Rules
Art Account
Get free CSS like this
Need Something to Do?
Are you bored?  Did you finish your finals and now find your life slightly more empty?  Do you wish you had a way to fill your time?
WELL YOU'RE IN LUCK!  Introducing the next generation of contests, right here on dA.  And the best part is, they're absolutely free of cost.  That's right, in fact, you can win amazing prizes!
Ok ok, enough silliness.  Look below for current contests and things :)
How to make a viking dressI used to be a part of one history reenactment group some time ago. Such groups basically reconstruct elements of daily life of people from a selected time period; my group was interested in early Middle Ages, from the 8th to the 11th century, from the Eastern and Northern Europe. Personally, I used to reconstruct a viking woman from today's Sweden areas. Most of you will be shocked, but vikings were not half-naked barbarians with horned helmets. They had no horned helmets. Really.
Anyway, my favourite part of reenactment has always been all the suit making. Buing materials, planning, cutting, sewing (hand sewing!), embroidering. Then, wearing. Generally, viking clothes are very easy to make, though I admit that the materials aren't the cheapest, if you want to make it as much accurate historically as you can.  

Our goal: a simple dress, no emboirdery. This is actually my first viking dress I've ever made.
I've prepared a simple tut

A Note on Daily Deviation FeaturesAt ten features into my tenure as Community Volunteer for Abstract & Surreal Photography I am noticing a certain trend in response to abstract and surreal Daily Deviations. I shall address some of the recurring themes here, and hopefully answer some questions along the way. At this point I would like to mention that I am talking about a small and vocal minority, and I sincerely thank the overwhelming majority for supporting the featured artists and their work. You're what makes this site such a great community.
With that said, let's get to the troublesome themes I am coming across.
The "This is crap!" Argument
As an observer and a critic, you're entitled to think that something isn't very good. However, exclaiming as such on the comments of a piece of work that an artist has spent time and energy creating is not only counter-productive, but rude and insulting, especially if it's not followed up with some advice about how you think they could make their
A Fat Rant... of sortsSo, I rarely look at DDs anymore, for several reasons... but often one of them on the bottom of a page catches my eye and makes me click it. Today this happened to be a nude shot of a nice, plump bubble butt. After admiring the image for a while I wanted to leave a comment with my likes and dislikes of the composition... and then I made the mistake of reading the comments. :|

It's really sad to see that DDs like this turn into discussions of what is beautiful and what kind of women are deemed 'real' or 'ideal'. Those who claim they just want everyone to be treated equally are those who throw around the word 'real women' or 'real bodies' the most. As if skinny women weren't real, just a figment of our imagination, nothing more to them. But no, skinny women don't have a right to be offended, only us fatties do.
Yes, the woman on the image has a disproportionately large behind which is emphasized by the camera angle. No, she did not need everyone to jump up and defend her

PE: 10 tips and tricks not very known about PS10 useful and not very known Photoshop tricks
1. Saving your .psd with all layers hidden makes a smaller file compared to saving it with all layers visible.
2. You can use the Crop Tool to quickly increase the canvas size of an image by holding down Ctrl + Alt whilst dragging the Crop Tool outside the current canvas.
3. If you want to see only one of your layers at a time, hold down Alt whilst clicking the eye icon of the layer. (do it again to show all layers again)
4. Holding down Alt while in a dialog box turns the Cancel button into a Reset button, so you can reset the values back to default.
5. If you want to just quickly check a very heavy .psd file, you can hold down Shift + Alt while clicking the Open button. This way Photoshop will open a flattened version of the file.
6. You can change the gray background that surrounds your image with the Paint Bucket Tool, just hold down Shift and make click on the background.
7. Not a very unknown tip, but if y
Art History - Resources and Stock RoundupNovember has come to a close and so has the incredible Resources & Stock Features!
:iconarthistoryproject: :iconarthistoryproject: :iconarthistoryproject:
:iconelandria: :iconpiratelotus-stock:
Our thanks to the lovely Elandria and PirateLotus-Stock, your super CVs for Resources and Stock for heading up the work done this month!
Also a big thank you and well done to our additional contributors -
 Kaz-D  STelariDamselStock
Here are all the articles in one neat lot!
Need references? by STelari Need textures? by STelari Dreamy Theodor Kittelsen by STelari Need faces? by STelari Muses of the Masters by Elandria Need brushes? by STelari
They will all be shown in the Resources & Stock Art History Gallery

The Camera ObscuraStock Gallery
Stock Rules
Art Account
Get free CSS like this
This was supposed to be posted for Stock and Resources Art History month, but somehow it got lost :<  It is now re-found, so I figured I should post it!
First of all, what the heck is a camera obscura?
The words come from Latin, of course, with "camera" meaning "room" and "obscura" meaning "dark."
This is a bit magic, but basically a camera obscura works very simply. You go into a very dark room (or it can be a box) and poke a small hole on one side. On the opposite side, the world outside will be projected in perfect color, with perfect perspective in
Be vigilant of phishing scamsYour account's security is of vital importance to deviantART and we're committed to providing our members resources and advice on how to stay safe and secure online.  Earlier today, an individual or group of individuals redirected some deviantART members to a false deviantART login screen by exploiting a cross-site-scripting vulnerability in deviantART's Journal system.  This tactic, commonly known as phishing, allowed the individuals to gain access to some accounts. 
Phishing is a serious matter on the Web. You've probably heard of phishing attempts through emails, the classic example being a fake email from a bank or other trusted authority, asking you to enter your personal information.
Incident details
The individuals discovered and exploited a cross-site-scripting vulnerability in Journals that provided them the ability to redirect deviants to a different website, designed to mimic a deviantART login screen.  Some deviants who did not realize that they were bei
Site Update: More Like This Available to EveryoneIn our continuous effort to improve the deviantART experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes to the site, bug fixes, and feedback that was brought up by members in the last Site Update.
What's New
More Like This: Now Open to Everyone!
In October, we launched More Like This to Premium Members, with an additional Limited Preview open to all deviants. During that time, we continued to test and improve it, with the help of everyone in the community who gave feedback or made use of our provided improvement tool. We're pleased to announce that as of today, More Like This has been launched to everyone. Many thanks to everyone who provided feedback and browsed through art to help us make the More Like Th

The dA commUNIty and YouThe dA commUNIty and You
When first stumbling upon deviantArt, whether 5 months or 5 years ago, we decided to join because we wanted to share our art. We wanted our work to be seen, to be appreciated, to be understood. However, it can be a long and difficult journey from obscurity into the spotlight. Many newcomers and even long-time deviants are sometimes overwhelmed and discouraged by a seeming lack of interest and/or exposure for their work. After all, that's what dA is for, right? Not necessarily - the answer to that question is a bit more involved than a simple "yes" or "no".
Society in general has become used to instant gratification. Want the new album by your favorite artist? With the click of a mouse, you've got it! Need to get in touch with your cousin who's moved to Italy? It's easy -- just Skype! The college you want to attend is across the country? No problem, they offer online courses!
You may be wondering how this is relevant to dA. Well,


Beautiful Creatures Light Or Dark Contest

The movie Beautiful Creatures in association with deviantART are pleased to present the "Light" or "Dark" contest. Using the asset pack provided, and with inspiration from the trailer above, get ready to create your most compelling LIGHT or DARK version of Lena!
In the film Beautiful Creatures, based off of the best-selling novel, Lena is a caster, a person who can use magic, and on her birthday she will be Claimed for either Light or Dark. As that day approaches, Lena along with her love interest Ethan uncover dark secrets about their respective families, their history and their town. Is it fat
New Beginnings Contest! - EXTENDED DEADLINE!It's that time of year again. We're all in the festive spirit (or, if you're anything like me, needing a distraction from any thought of festivity) so what better time than to participate in a contest? You like stuff? Look at our fantabulous prizes? You like art? Show it off. :P Show us ya skillz, we know you have them! Couldn't be simpler. See contest. Join contest.
So let's get down and dirty with it:
THEME we gotta have one. It's like the law. This time round guys is NEW BEGINNINGS. That's it. You can do anything with this theme in mind, in any visual medium. This contest is running over the new year, new year new start and all, so hey, NEW BEGINNINGS! (Yes, yes I know. Providing the world doesn't end soon. :P though even that would be a kinda new beginning, it's the beginning of an afterlife or of nothingness or reincarnation, whichever belief you hold to.) So long as your work is titled and inspired by the idea of beginning, starting something new, something unknown
:eager: THE RESULTS ARE UP! :eager:
This contest started on December 1st 00:00 GMT+2/EET and ended March 1st 00:00 GMT+2/EET - here's a link that helps you convert that in your time zone: Contest Deadline: Let it snow.
- Your work has to revolve around this theme.

King of snow by adypetrisor Snow White by Amanda-Diaz Let it snow... by LenaZLair
Mini Snow Globe - Spheal by Swadloon :thumb107343571: Snow Leopard by CallieFink
Let the Snow Fall by AnimalArtKingdom Bunny Snow Globe by Laiyee Snow Globe Swing by Zulma-san
All (Photography, Digital art, Traditional art, Artisan Crafts, Literature - literally all mediums as long as the

Manstock Challenge 4: Awkward CHALLENGE CLOSEDChallenge is now closed.  Merry Christmas to everyone, happy celebrating!

The theme is "Awkward"!  Like how you feel when your mom catches you looking at Manicorn.

"This is totally normal, trust me."
:bulletyellow: The theme is "Awkward".  Interpret this however you want, but the theme must be noticeable in your art
:bulletgreen: Use at least one male stock from deviantArt in your work (doesn't have to be in the group)
:bulletyellow: Entries MUST BE NEW and created on or after today (Dec 6)
:bulletgreen: Entries may be digital or traditional
:bulletyellow: The stock may be used as a reference or cut out
:bulletgreen: You can include whatever other stock you want in your work
:bulletyellow: Up to 3 entries allowed per person
:bulletgreen: You must be a Member or higher of ManStock to participate (anyone can be a Member, just hit that join button!)
:bulletyellow: Ent
Holiday Chat Card Contest (Over):santa: What an amazing chat! Thanks to everyone who participated! We wrapped up the contest all nicely in-chat and  ended up with some pretty awesome entries. Here are the winners!



You can see all the entries right here.
Thank you to everyone who participated! It was a wonderful chat event and a wonderful contest. For more upcoming Anthro Chat events, be sure to keep an eye on the anthro chat events article!
EDIT! We have extended this contest by one hour to give more people a chance to enter. We need at least 2 more entries to be able to award the prizes! You have until 4pm PST, which is 1 hour from this update, to get your entries in!
:star: This contest closes in one hour! Be sure to finish
Christmas Muro Contest

It's Christmas time! In celebration, Oughter and I wanted to have a bit of festive fun. So we decided to bring some holiday cheer with a murotastic contest.
Just simply follow the rules listed below, and remember above all, spread some holiday cheer and have a good time! :santa:

Contest theme
This is an open contest, you can draw anything you want as long as it's Christmas related!
For example: Santa, Christmas tree, Rudolph, Jesus, etc...
Contest rules
• Anyone can enter the contest.
• You may submit your Muro drawing under this journal only.
• Only 1 entry/Deviant.
• Contest ends on December 24th. 

• First prize: 1 year deviantART premium membership +

Four Line Long Poems -Contest ending SOON!Contest Update
Just a few days left to go! Get your entries in NOW!
A recent discovery of the very innovative idea from Alex Valentine on Four Line Long Poems has prompted a mini-revolution here on deviantART as 3wyl and I plotted and schemed to create something not dissimilar to SixWordStories. Thus, FourLinePoems was born! It's a group that's completely open to everyone and anyone who would like to join and the exciting news is that, with its launch, we are announcing the first Four Line Poem Competition!
:bulletblack: Contest Open: 15th December 2012, Midnight PST.
:bulletblack: Contest Close: 15th January 2013, Midnight PST.
:bulletblack: Winners Announcement: After 1st February

Rules & Examples
Four Line Poems are exactly that - just four lines long!
:bulletgreen: One entry per person.
:bulletgreen: Entries must be newly submitted to deviantART, in Literature Format:
Jolly Winter - Frozen Contest! WINNERS 
- Website - Commissions OPEN  - Blog Index - ShadownessTutorials  -  Thumblr - My Daily Deviations - Resources RULES - Dark Portafolio
:googleplus: :twitter: :facebook:
Contest hosted by:

**COMPETITION**Alice Vs Jabberwocky - FinishedThis contest is now closed.
Go see who won!!!

I will animate the winning piece.
I'm doing a competition! Yup first one so be kind if I miss a few steps (PLEASE READ ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM).
There is so little art out there for what is one of my favourite characters from the first game,  I decided there needs to be more!!.    
The Theme: is Alice Vs The Jabberwocky!.
The piece must at least contain Alice and the Jabberwocky
(THIS IS THE AMERICAN MCGEE JABBERWOCKY not the original), however some deviation is allowed to the design, it just clearly has to be based off either the game version or the Balrog looking design that was released in model form for the fi

:star: Have extra news you want us to share? Have I had goldfish memory and forgotten to include your contest or news? (highly possible!) Leave a comment or note me!!

Were things always like this? by Hopfield




Updates, news, features and contests for the stock community
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