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Stock and Resources DD Roundup March 2013:iconelandria:
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March 16, 2013
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Resources Gallery Makeover (REMINDER)

Sat Mar 16, 2013, 11:02 AM

So all those sub cats...

Its no secret that the stock and resources gallery is HUGE.  On a scale thats intimidating, complicated and a bit like a bottomless pit of sub, sub, sub, sub, sub cats.

Last year we were very lucky to have a bit of a makeover job in Resources/Fonts and Resources/Stock, however, we are looking with "new deviant's eyes" (Yes, we kidnapped new deviants and stole their eyeballs) to look at our gallery long and hard.  HARD.

You can read more about whats going on with this huge project here -

What we'd love to get from you guys

Feedback and suggestions! 
Do you know of sub cats that are completely obsolete that we could tidy up and get rid of?
Are there dark alleyways hidden in the maze of resources sub cats that need a light shining on them?
Can some categories be merged, or renamed to make them more logical/useful to todays deviant community?

Shortly we will be posting a links journal to all the different galleries so you can head out into the wider DAverse to find out whats happening in other places and to add your thoughts and comments.
:new: Main journal has now been posted here -
REMINDER Gallery Makeover Project JournalsGreetings Deviants! 
As I have no doubt most of you have heard from Moonbeam13's journal, a lot of the galleries here on DeviantART are having a makeover. This largely consists of merging and getting rid of categories, but please take a read of the original journal for more details. :)
I am sure a lot of you have seen these gallery makeover journals floating around already, but here is a definitive list of all the journals so far. Please note that not all galleries are on this list, more may be added later. Also some of these links may be updated in future, and we'll be sure to update the link here as neccessary. :la:
Please comment on the appropriate journals for each area if you have an opinion as to how each gallery can be updated. Remember the more opinions the better so share this journal, and lets get as much of the community involved as we can! :dummy:
Trad. Typography

Go check out the suggestions for improvements across the other galleries on the site!!

Here though we are concentrating on the stock and resources gallery, so please keep your suggestions/comments on topic! :)


Since the resources/fonts category is quite complicated, we've once again bribed pica-ae to post a journal specifically for it here -  So if you have suggestions specifically for the fonts category, please post your comments over there so we can more easily keep track :)

Resources/Fractal Resources

:new: Our lovely SaTaNiA has done a Fractal specific Gallery Makeover journal here - so if you use the fractal resources gallery, or have suggestions on improvements, please pop over there to post your comments! :thumbsup:

Resources/Line Art & Character Sheets

The vast majority of character sheets submitted to this gallery are miscats.  IE they are filled out with the details of an individual character rather than being a BLANK sheet for other artists to use.  Completed character reference sheets need to be submitted to a more appropriate digital/traditional/mixed media gallery.  

Digital Art and Application Reference Tutorials

For a long time the Resources/Tutorials/Digital Art (OR Application Reference)  galleries have been something of a minefield, with miscats and confused deviants scattered across the landscape.  There are a plethora of duplicated software sub cats and completely obsolete areas that now exist that we would like to get sorted once and for all.

Issue -  Currently the tutorials gallery is organized by tutorial content EG Application Reference, or Digital Art Which means there are multiple sub cats - for example Photoshop, that appear to have no difference whatsoever in the submission type despite the location of the parent category.

Proposed Solution - Instead of having tutorials classified by what they are about, we propose to turn things around on their head, and make the tutorials gallery classified by the software you want to use.  So, instead of having tutorials for Photoshop in 5 different locations, you will now have 1 main Photoshop tutorial gallery. Within that Photoshop Tutorial gallery will be sub categories for tutorials on using Photoshops tools, Tutorials on how to draw and paint using Photoshop etc - for each major piece of software. 

Current Gallery Layout for PS Tuts

........Application Reference/
........Digital Art/
................Drawing & Painting/
........Digital Art/
.......Digital Art/
.............Pixel Art/
.......Digital Art/
..............Vector Art/

Proposed Gallery Layout for PS Tuts

........Digital Art/
.......................Software Tools
.......................Drawing & Painting
.......................Photomanipulation &
                       Photo Editing
.......................Vector, Vexel &
                       Pixel Art

More logical layout/gallery tree
Fewer chances of miscats.
Generic tutorials that do not mention any specific software can be placed in the same format, without the gallery loosing continuity.
Many pieces of software available - some in very niche areas which will have to be placed into an "other software" sub cat

Artisan Crafts Tutorials

Issue For a long time Artisan Crafts has been woefully neglected with next to no helpful sub categories to aid artists drill down to more specific areas they are interested in

Proposal  The addition of some new sub categories to the following effect:

Current Gallery Layout for Artisan Crafts Tutorials

........Artisan Crafts/
...............Culinary Arts (existing)
...............Recipes (existing)
...............Other (existing)
:new:.......Textiles, needlework & plush toys
:new:.......Metal and Wood Working
:new:.......Costumery and Props

Pros - More clarity for Artisan Crafts Tutorials
Cons - Are more sub categories actually needed?

Devious Suggestions

:new: These are some of the suggestions currently put forward:

:bulletpink: Update Application Resources/Photoshop .PSD files title to: ".psd and .png files" (or similar) Suggested by CelticStrm-Stock and Thy-Darkest-Hour

:bulletpink: Merge Application Resources/Photoshop Custom Shapes with Photoshop Patterns and change the title to: "Photoshop Shapes, Patterns & Styles" ** Do the same for Illustrator as well** Suggested by shelldevil

:bulletpink: Ensuring there is a generic art tutorials area for non software/media specific tutorials. Suggested by pica-ae and SenshiStock

:bulletpink: Vector, Vexel & Pixel tutorials should be kept separate because of how different they are. Recommended by TheLastHuzzah Krissi001 and MLAproduction

:bulletpink: Ensuring AC tutorials/Textiles, needlework & plush toys description is clear and concise to include tutorials for clothing that is not costumery. Recommended by Talty

:bulletpink: Including stone work and glass work in the new "Metal and Wood working" AC tutorials sub cat. Recommended by Talty

:bulletpink: Change the name of AC tuts/"Papercraft" to something more inclusive of other paper craft types such as origami and book binding etc to - "Folding & Papercraft" Recommended by Talty

:bulletpink: Add a specific sub cat for AC tuts/Miniatures for polymer clay food mini's and other mini items like doll house props/furniture etc. Recommended by Talty

:bulletpink: Add a specific top level resources/pixel resources gallery as per fractals and vector to better support pixel artists searching for related resources.  Suggested by krissi

We would love to hear your thoughts on these proposals, and any other suggestions/issues you can see in the stock and resources galleries :)

Suggestions and proposals for a makeover in the Resources gallery
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CelticStrm-Stock Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know this would be impossible as it would make the sub-cats for it massive.. but it would be nice to have a way to search for Premium Content Exclusive stocks. Sometimes it's just nice to have exclusives that a limited amount of people have used. It's looking great over all though!
Elandria Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2013  Professional General Artist
Or just have them flagged in a way we can highlight, that way there would be no need to have additional sub cats :)
CelticStrm-Stock Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:nod: Yepyep.. They're hard to find unless they put it in their keywords. :D
Tannalein Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
How about dividing the Line-art and Character Sheets sub-cat? And maybe make it more clear somehow that the line-art and the characters are for other people's use. Also, I think Literature Templates sub-cat is totally out of control. The sub-cat description says: "Literature templates designed to enable writers to sell their written works in the same manner as visual artists." - I bet most people don't even understand what it means. They've turned it into a collection of random lists (there's a List of Nicknames for Bewbs in there :iconfacepalmplz:), written meme templates and, hell, I don't even know what to call most of the things I see in there. It's like every written thing that people don't know where to put goes in there. Those things should either be removed from there or given their own space - although I have no idea what categories you'd make for them, they're just too random. To me they fit best in journals. And do people really use Literature templates any more? For the purpose it was created, I mean.
Elandria Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013  Professional General Artist
You're not the only one who doesn't know what to call some of those things D: We don't enter alone, its too scary lol ;)

There is a HUGE misconception about character sheets that are for other people to use, and character sheets that are of your own characters that should be in the digital or traditional art galleries, but no matter how often we try to explain, we get ignored :/ Its very very frustrating.

There is actually a memes sub gallery under deviantart related/devious fun/memes but most people again, would rather stick stuff in whatever gallery they find first which more than anything, should be their scrapbook area. As for the actual sub cat of literature templates being relevant, I will flag it up on the list for review, because it might actually not be :nod:

Thanks for the feedback!!
Tannalein Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Maybe the way to remove confusion would be to remove character sheets. From what I can see, people mostly have the right idea for the line-art, and it's a good category for both people who want to offer their line-art for color and people who are looking for things to color, and also a lot less chances for copyright/theft issues, because even if people put line-art there by mistake they're probably going to be less upset if someone colors it, then if someone takes and uses their characters by mistake. Still, I have no idea how many people use the sub-cat correctly and might get upset if it's removed. Maybe to label it better? Something clear like "give-aways" with a sub-cat "line-art" and a sub-cat "char sheets". Not "Give-aways" per se, it's a somewhat unprofessional term, but something along those lines to make it clear you're giving it away if you post it in there.
Elandria Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013  Professional General Artist
:nod: I get what you mean. :D They will definitely be reviewed and fingers crossed we can come up with either a better solution, or a much clearer set of defined gallery descriptions.
silentfuneral Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2013   Digital Artist
:w00t: wonderful article hon :love:
Elandria Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2013  Professional General Artist
ldymech Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I could have spent all day reporting miscats. I went through page after page of Justin Beiber and Selena pictures in Tutorials > Photoshop. Also before and after pics are not tutorials. I'm getting so tired of seeing Google used as a source for stock. Please be honest, do you actually want me to spend hour reporting all of these?
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