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:bulletgreen: Hope you all enjoyed being taken over by FUR yesterday.  They made us :noes:

:bulletgreen: We had an absolute blast during our Project Educate Stock & Resources Week, if you missed any of it the full wrap up and links to all the articles and interviews is here -

:bulletgreen: Dan is currently experiencing technical issues, so please be patient if you are waiting for a response from him!

:bulletred: A reminder about sending us DD suggestions! When you do, please please please check to see if the person you are suggesting has had a DD in the last 6 months!! Its very important and it makes our lives a lot easier!!

:bulletred: Please DO NOT send the same suggestion to both Dan and I - again it causes us problems!

:bulletred: If somebody is asking you to nominate a particular piece of their work for a DD in exchange for points or something else please DO NOT suggest them for a DD.  Having 40+ people spamming us with DD suggestions for the same piece not only raises alarm bells, but is also extremely likely to prevent the deviant actually getting a DD from us.  Remember what the spirit of giving DD's is about.  They are not prizes to give away and can not be bought.

:bulletgreen: That being said - Please DO keep sending us unique, eye catching, versatile, inspirational, usable stock and resources that's filled with POTENTIAL! :heart:

:bulletgreen: We've been pootling around in :iconstockandresources: and we are looking for all you people with Stock groups to come forward and write a short blog sharing the details of what your group is about, what kind of resources you gather and share, and what the requirements are for joining and submitting.
You must be a member of the group to do this, just head to the journal/blog page and click on the "new blog" link at the top right side.

Stock & Resources Project Educate Icarus Contest

All the latest information and prize updates are below so get working on your submissions!!!! :la:

Other News and Articles you should check out!

How (And Where) To Report DeviationsThe Galleries here at receive, on average, around a hundred thousand submissions every day- any way you look at it that is a lot of creative works coming in every minute of every day. Among this outpouring of creativity which we call Deviations there are, inevitably, works which could be potential problems and when members of the community find deviations which could be troublesome for one reason or another it is only natural to want to bring them to the attention of the staff here at deviantART.
Because of the various ways that a deviation might be a problem we'll focus on only one specific issue in this blog, that issue being the subject of copyright infringement.
Now we've already tried to explain the ins and outs of copyright in our copyright policy so if you haven't read that particular page yet I'd encourage you to do so now (you agree to obey the rules and restrictions laid out there every time you submit
Project Educate: Typography TutorialsTypography Tutorials
Today I want to highlight some of the Typography Tutorials you can find in Stock & Resources on dA.
Tutorials with a focus on terminology.

Basic Tools
Explanations on how to use Typography Tools in various graphic programs.

Artists sharing the way to their final artwork.
Effect Tutorials
These tutorials explain some visual effects that can be applied to achieve a certain effect with your text.
Quick Turorial - Broken Text by mauricioestrella How to make pixel text by vanmall Golden Text with Layer Styles by kuschelirmel-stock :thumb191449494: :thumb10
6 Fatal Flaws for PhotomanipulationHey everyone!
After nearly a month (!!!) of viewing DD suggestions and generally browsing around the community looking for new and interesting things to feature, I have come up with a list of the most common mistakes that photomanipulators make. Other photomanip CVs, especially kuschelirmel, conzpiracy, and IreneLangholm, have posted a lot of great articles and tutorials about each of the items I'm going to discuss. I therefore will not go into terribly much detail right at this time. I'll be happy to re-address them in later articles.
What is our primary goal in making a photomanipulation? We want it to be seamless, right? We want to transport the viewers into another world and make them believe that it is real.
Let's talk about some dead giveaways that break that illusion.
Flaw 1: Failure to crop elements properly
Artifacts from original stock images, like pixels that surround your cut-out after you extract it from its original background, are a dead gi

CEA Blog: How to communicate with the CEADuring the course of our daily activities we receive a lot of communication from members, in the interests of helping you get the right help in the quickest possible manner we have put together this guide on how to communicate efficiently with the CEA team.
Before contacting the CEA we ask that you do the following:
Check for a relevant +faq entry to make sure your question isn't already addressed there. This can save you a lot of time waiting for a response that you can easily access.
Check recent #communityops blogs to make sure that your issue hasn't been addressed there.
If reporting harassment, have you blocked the deviant and hidden their comments already?
Collect any relevant information about the issue, links to comments, journals or deviations
If the issue has upset you, take a few minutes to make sure you're calm before contacting us. This will help your tickets

March DDs given by Dan-Heffer

Antic dream by kerast Falling Leaves PNG's by the-night-bird
Mountains VIII - Mist by Grinmir-stock
Crack Effect Brushes by funerals0ng Beach Bum 07 by nikiv-stock
Rainbow Lorikeet I by FreeakStock Costa - Horse Stock - 14 by aussiegal7
Cloud Background by jcantelo
Fog on the Dordogne river 09 by HermitCrabStock Dark Angel 1 by perfectmuse

March DDs given by Elandria

Music angel II by AngieStock

Watercolor Tutorial by Loonaki Ye Olde Mappe Tutorial by jocarra Sculpture tutorial for Starters - Sculpting by Feyrah Loom's Paneling Musings 01: The Big 2 by LOOMcomics Super-Chi's colouring process by Super-Chi PS Tutorial : Cleaning Lineart by LaLunatique
:thumb133458787: Lady Of The Castle II by Eirian-stock
Jason Aaron Baca E026 by jasonaaronbaca :thumb283641378:
tan stock - choc 01 by rabbit-stock Anja - Lying Bay Tobiano Filly by Horselover60-Stock
Stock 176 by UmbraDeNoapte-Stock
French Bulldog Stock by Mayli909 lion 10 by Drezdany-stocks
STOCK:  Castle Ruins Background by lenkaltman [Fractal Stock] Chaos Clock by jayaprime
balloon fest g by ItsAllStock Baby Shower Cupcakes stock 1 by Sassy-Stock
Seamless Brick Special - 2 by AGF81 Forest Path in Winter 9 by Martut
Ballycarberry Castle by Ness8Bit
Heather 008 by Shadowelement-Stock No Pressure by cosminpetrisor
Heavenly by SolStock Butterfly Stock Pack by Theta-Scorpii
:thumb289814209: Old train,stock by ShinyStocks
Fairmount Park Magnolia Blossoms 2 by FairieGoodMother Australian Barn Owl by 88-Lawstock

March DDs given by namenotrequired

How To Credit Your Stock Providers Tutorial by CelticStrm-Stock Group Member Joining Tutorial by CyphonFiction

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