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It comes around so quickly!

I can't believe its already officially Autumn, and don't ask me what happened to spring and summer!!

Gallery Description Updates

Yesterday saw the release of the new "stashy" submit page to A/B beta testers hailing the promotion and better definition of gallery descriptions aimed at improving, helping and preventing the age old problem of miscats (which everyone hates except the people who miscat in the first place)

The New Submit Art PageImportant notice: This particular feature is being A/B tested -- meaning that we're comparing the effectiveness of two different versions of the feature.  If you're a Beta Tester, there's a 50% chance you'll either see the new or old version of the Submit Art page.  This is expected behavior and there's no way to switch between the two groups.
Hello everyone!
Today, we're bringing you a complete revamp of the Submit Art page! While the Submit Art page you're familiar with has been a long-standing part of deviantART, the new Submit Art page is designed to be more intuitive, user-friendly, and up to date with deviantART as it is today.

What's New
You now have several options for uploading your art! You can upload a file from your computer, select a file from your, or create a text document, all from the Submit page. Once a file has been uploaded, selected, or creat

As you can see from the previews the gallery selection area is now accompanied by examples and the description - which is where you come in.  The stock and resources gallery has seen a LOT of changes over the years making the range of descriptions for individual sub categories quite a mixed bag!

We are looking for thoughts and suggestions for updating the ENTIRE set of galley descriptions across the board, and if stock and resources aren't your thing but you want to get involved please note the community volunteer in charge of the gallery you are most interested in!!

You can locate existing gallery descriptions by heading to the "submit" page and drilling down through the category selection area Submit page

Project Educate Photomanipulation Month


Yep thats right! A WHOLE MONTH of photomanipulation help, guides, tips, interviews and tons of other photomanipulation based things to whet your appetite!  As you should all know the Photomanipulation gallery headed by Aeirmid is closely related to the stock and resources gallery for very obvious reasons.  Even if you never photomanipulate, but provide stock and resources to artists that do there is something for you during this month, even if its just learning what great stock and resources artists find useful, and how they can be utilised to improve your own submissions!

Get involved starting here -
Welcome to Photomanipulation Month!Greetings!
Yes, you read that right: Photomanip MONTH! :XD:
When I first came on board as the Community Volunteer for Photomanipulation, I wanted to have a photomanipulation workshop month, or a "boot camp," to help our community members hone their skills and to help people from outside the community learn more about what we do. Kaz-D had the brilliant idea of turning it into a Photomanipulation Month with Project Educate! So, here we are!
This month will  be filled with contests and challenges, games and activities, and lots of chances to win fabulous prizes! We hope everyone will learn something along the way as well. :heart:
About this month
We see this month as an opportunity for all of us to share what we know and build a stronger community. We had originally conceived of this month as "Advanced Photomanipulation Month," but we figured that might be exclusive to a great portion of our community.

Art History Stock and Resources Month NOVEMBER


The ArtHistoryProject continues its success apace and November will be the turn of stock and resources :excited:

We want YOU to get involved!!! Do you love stock and resources as much as we do?  Do you know the history of a particular aspect of stock and resources?  Could you write an interesting, informative article about it or interview artists who use stock and resources?

If so you need to head here to the sign up sheet
Resources and Stock Signup:iconarthistoryproject:
November is Art History Stock & Resources month :party:
:bulletpink: Here are some hints n tips about submitting.....
:bulletpink: Create the News Article as you normally would in your own Journal portal. N.B If you create this as a 'Journal' rather than 'News', when you submit it to the Group it will show up in the Gallery, rather than the Blog.
:bulletpink: Choose to submit to Groups at the last page, after formatting and select ArtHistoryProject. You may also submit to
any Group you Admin for, providing it is relevant. In fact I would encourage this as it will spread the Project further - many people will be yet to hear about it. e.g. I submit my Pinup & Glamour stuff to my Death-Chicks Group, as it fits the theme.
:bulletpink: It doesn't matter what Art you usually create. You can g

and get your article listed in advance! So we can get prepared!  We want every day filled with exciting articles and interviews about stock and resources!

Daily Deviation Suggestions

Since this is the season of the pumpkin and all things orange and black and souls returning I am looking for a few more suitably themed stock and resources DD suggestions :)

Both PirateLotus-Stock and myself are looking as always for more general stock and resources DD suggestions! Don't forget, DDs get our whole community "out there" every day to artists who might have no idea what stock and resources actually are and help prove (as if we needed to) that our gallery is chock full of excellent high quality USEFUL stock and resources!!

Please send daily deviation suggestions to us via note with a thumbnail and optional comment on why you chose to suggest it :)

The round up of daily deviations for September is here:
Stock and Resource DDs September 2012:icondan-heffer:
Stock and Resource DDs given by Dan-Heffer

Stock and Resource DDs given by Elandria

SKIN: a tutorial - Part 2 by navate Bang Bang on a Bike 2 by Blaq-Unicorn
Cat Stock 001 by PC-STOCK kecky's magical brushes by Kecky Hawksong VIII: The Kill by RaeyenIrael-Stock Snow White Stock 14 by Queens-Revenge

Gazebo by xmas-kitty Stock - Gothic Longing by Mahafsoun Hair Coloring Tutorial by Popo-Licious Urban Planet Tutorial by Alpha-Leader
Ryders Land - Planet resource by Mr-Frenzy Daenerys Targaryen 3 by Mirish Brushes Tubular Pawluk by ipawluk :thumb326075570:

Stock and Resource DDs given by PirateLotus-Stock

Bay 2 by BerryBlu Unicorn and Narwhal Spiral Horn Tutorial by BeeZee-Art Beren 4 by Jaymasee
Partial Boot Cover/Topper Tutorial by EnvelCosplay :thumb32692414


As usual if you have contests you want pimping please PLEASE note us with the details!!!

:pumpkin: Ending the 17th of October, charligal-stock's  "Vulpine" Stock Creation Challenge  for stockers!

:pumpkin: Ending the 21st of October, SenshiStock's  "In Perspective" Stockiversary Contest for stockers!  It has a second part starting later for stock users.

:pumpkin: Ending the 21st of October, JessicaMariana's  Senshistock Anniversary Contest for stock users!





Updates and news for October in Stock and resources
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Just-A-Little-Knotty Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2012  Professional General Artist
Im not seeing the new submit page :cry:
Im dyeing to check it out :excited:
Elandria Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2012  Professional General Artist
Its currently on a A/B beta testing which means only half the current beta testers have it to try out :)
Just-A-Little-Knotty Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2012  Professional General Artist
I know. It sux :giggle:
Elandria Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2012  Professional General Artist
:D Soooon SOOOOooooOOoooooonnnnn
kirilee Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Great article :D
Elandria Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2012  Professional General Artist
skydancer-stock Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012  Professional Photographer
Grins, nicely done. I find it a bit funny the examples for the nude stock cats are either missing or blocked. :giggle:
Elandria Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2012  Professional General Artist
I'm sure thats something that will be looked at :nod:
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