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October 30, 2007




Journal Entry: Tue Oct 30, 2007, 2:51 AM


OK, because I've been getting increasing amounts of questions about my stuff I've put together a FAQ.  Hopefully it will prove useful :)  Thanks for reading.

1 :bulletpurple: Q) Can I use your stock in a picture to be posted on Deviantart?
:bulletblue: A) YES!  Anything that has "this is stock" in the description can be used inside of Deviantart by Deviantart members.

2 :bulletpurple: Q) Whats with the "active members of DA only" thing?
:bulletblue: A) With increasing frequency I have been getting requests from people who notice my stock on the internet and want to use it, who will then create an account on DA before noting me to ask if they can use it off the site.  I DO check accounts you know.  Empty/blank accounts immediately warn me off giving permission, firstly because my licensing gives permission for my stock to be used ONLY on DA unless you ask for specific permission (with links) after you have posted the work on DA, and secondly without an active membership on DA I have no way of keeping in contact with the users who utilise my stock in their work. (See FAQ below for further details)

3 :bulletpurple: Q) Can I use your stock on my personal site/blog/space etc?
:bulletblue: A) For artwork/manipulations that contain my stock and that have been posted to DA with credit, and a link sent to me so I can see it, yes you can then post that work on your own websites.  I do require credit on those websites, and they are to be in a gallery NOT used as part of your websites overall layout/design. If you are posting to facebook you can tag me in your art, I am listed as Elandria Broughton-Sheard.
People who take unmanipulated stock and repost in their own sites/blogs/spaces (INCLUDING PHOTOBUCKET/IMAGESHACK ET AL AND FLICKR) etc are effectively redistributing my work without permission and when caught will be made to remove the stolen pictures immediately.

4 :bulletpurple: Q) Can I use your stock/artwork to make signature tags, web sets, tubes etc for my club/blog/space etc?
:bulletblue: A) NO.  Not under ANY circumstances do I allow either my stock(manipulated or unmanipulated) or my artwork to be used in this manner at all.  Anybody found using my stock/artwork outside of Deviantart in this manner will be told to remove the stolen art effective immediately, my artwork is NOT public domain, and my licence of use regarding my stock applies to deviantart members only.

5 :bulletpurple: Q) I'm an art student and really really really want to use your stock for my coursework with the results being displayed in my portfolio, in an end of year gallery display, on my personal website, on DA etc etc etc, please can you give me permission?
:bulletblue:  Yes by all means you may use my stock, so long as you are an ACTIVE member of DeviantART (please see FAQ above for details) I still require you to post the work on DA with standard credits and the same in any other locations where the work is displayed.  Please note me if you require an official model release for your coursework references etc.

6 :bulletpurple: Q) OMG You look just like my RP character/book character!! I want to use your stock for my characters pic on my RPG forum/blog/website/book, can I please oh please oh please!!!!?
:bulletblue: A) NO NO NO Not now not ever. I'm sorry.  I believe that characters are very very personal things.  I don't want to turn up in a new RP/book and see another character with my face.  Its disturbing.  If I find ANYBODY using any of my stock in this manner I will seriously hunt you down.  No means no.

7 :bulletpurple: Q) Do you do stock requests?
:bulletblue: A) Yes, I do do requests, as long as time is permitting and so long as they aren't like the example below.  Anything reasonable will be considered, but please bear in mind, that I don't get paid for making my costumes, and my fiance does not get paid for shooting my stock photography either. I also reserve the right to refuse requests at any time.

8 :bulletpurple: Q) Can you make this ... dress with this ... background?
:bulletblue: A) Do you have £100+ spare for the cost of the material?  Making costumes of any description in the UK is expensive, not to mention that I have a job, a house to run, cats and fiancé to look after as well as an addiction to chocolate.

9 :bulletpurple: Q) Why don't you provide nude stock?
:bulletblue: A) There are plenty of other very very good stock providers on DA who do nude stock for example lockstock  They will and remain better than me in that respect, its just not something I am interested in.

10 :bulletpurple: Q) Can I use your stock as pose/fabric references?
:bulletblue: A) YES!  by all means, if using my stock helps then go right ahead! Please remember though I still ask that you credit the reference and send me a link to your artwork! :D

11 :bulletpurple: Q) I have used your stock as "reference" for my traditional/digital artwork and want to post it up on a different ART website to get crit etc, can I?
:bulletblue: A) Yes, so long as long as credit is given and the work is already posted to DA and notification is sent to me.

12 :bulletpurple: Q) I've made this ... manipulation with your stock, can I please have permission to make it into a print?
:bulletblue: A) Yes you can :)

I hereby grant all DeviantArtists permission to use my stock in any and all Deviant Prints without restriction.  

You do not need to request permission, DA has a blanket email from myself.  For prints etc outside of DA my rule of requesting permission still applies.

13 :bulletpurple: Q) I'm a dark artist and I want to cover you in blood and gore and icky stuff with knives....  is this ok?
:bulletblue: A) Yes you can.  lol whatever floats your boat basically... so long as you also remember that I have feelings, and that my mother frequents my faves gallery.. please try not to give her nightmares! (Or me for that matter!)  I also apologise in advance... dark art isn't my natural territory so if I only leave dumb ass comments that don't really make sense please don't take offence!  Please however don't use my stock for racial/hate/porn style work.  Thats a big nono and I will spank you :P

14 :bulletpurple: Q) Why are you completely paranoid about what happens to your stock?
:bulletblue: A) ... because I CARE about what happens to my stock.. its my face in those photos not just a hunk of stonework or something!  I work incredibly hard to provide good quality usable stock, surely manippers and other users can appreciate that and work just as hard on the artwork they create with it?  I'm proud of what I've accomplished, and asking permission/letting me know you've used it takes seconds... and also gives me warm fuzzies...   there's a general consensus that stock providers should be "grateful" that our stock is being used... that's bollocks quite frankly and makes me laugh.  I provide stock because I'm nice, because I want to give something to the community, but I don't have to... its not a given that I have to provide any stock at all, so please don't presume that you can take it and do what then hell you want with it.  A little bit of thought, respect and consideration works wonders... :)

15 :bulletpurple: Q) I want to use some of your stock, but the size/resolution is too low, do you have bigger versions?
:bulletblue: A) Yes, many are already available in my scraps section, and if not, please note me with the title of the one you need larger.

16 :bulletpurple: Q) You have lots of poses that seem to be the same, do you provide any "action" stock?
:bulletblue: A) Not having been trained in any way shape or form I am on a learning curve.  Its also very hard to prance around in a dress that has over 15 yards of material to it lol.  This is something I am working on though and hopefully there will be an improvement.

17 :bulletpurple: Q) Do you do "couple" stock?
:bulletblue: A) Not right now, but maybe in the future :)

18 :bulletpurple: Q) As much as I love your stock, I need stuff for background work, do you have any shots without you in them?
:bulletblue: A) Yes I do :) you can find them located in my locations stock folder AND in Dreamers-of-Avalon

19 :bulletpurple: Q) I have a ball/fete/wedding/fayre to go to and want you to make me a costume...
:bulletblue: A) Unfortunately there are not enough hours in the day for me to accept general commissions, as flattering as it is that you think my costumes are good enough.  If you are serious about hiring me to make you a dress or corset please note me or email me directly for details and quotes on my website here - LACED-WAISTS

20 :bulletpurple: Q) I want to make my own costumes, how do you make yours, are there any patterns/tips you can give me?
:bulletblue: A) Best thing to do is note me with more detail on what you want to make, but I'm more than happy to pass on links and info and tips to interested members.

21 :bulletpurple: Q) OK this is all very interesting but what EXACTLY are your rules for using stock?
:bulletred: You can find a complete journal on my rules here :)

22 :bulletpurple: Q) I have a burning need to have a question answered that isn't on this list, how can I get the answer?
:bulletblue: A) Its called a note or a comment lol, and anything thats valid will be added here.

LAST UPDATED 27/04/2014

All my artwork is Copyright ©2004-2011 Elandria.
All rights reserved.
All the materials contained in my deviantART gallery may not be reproduced, copied, tubed, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my FULL written permission.


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Naruto-II Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I am currently working on an interactive novel with a Graphic Novel Engine. Some of your location stock would be absolutely perfect as a background in some of the scenes. They will only be cropped and not altered in any other way. Is it OK to use your stock in that way?
Elandria Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2012  Professional General Artist
I'm sorry, in that case it wouldn't be possible for me to give permission for that. Images need to be significantly edited/altered and also in some cases if its for commercial use you would need to pay for a location release licence from the owners of the buildings.
Naruto-II Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, I see. Thank you for replying.
Elandria Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2012  Professional General Artist
No problem, sorry I couldn't give permission!
mauplay Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Me encantan tus fotos!!!
me encanta lo antiguo.
te admiro mucho.
enrapturedesign Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2009
(please email me back at thanks :)
Elandria Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2009  Professional General Artist
enrapturedesign Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2009
Hi there,
My friend is wanting me to design for him a cd cover for his local band's new ep... and i was wanting to do a siren of the sea style theme... and this picture is absolutely perfect;
i read your release terms and it said to contact you before using it for outside/paid work so i wanted to see if you would allow me to use this  for the cd artwork i am doing? i will not be getting paid for the work by the band as i am just doing it for my friend's small local band... but it would be really awesome if you allowed me to use this picture as it just fits so well!
thank you!
Elandria Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2009  Professional General Artist
Via notes :)
Jabberwock-stock Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2007   Photographer
Hmmmm methinks #12 needs to be redone in bright, clear, bold, very large words especially for the hard of thinking :D
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