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Mon Aug 1, 2011, 4:24 PM


11 whole years of DeviantART! A little hard to believe I've been here for 7 of them!! :squee: The good, the bad, the shenanigans, the lolz and all the wonderful, beautiful, INCREDIBLE ART!

Did I mention the people? The people are really quite important... cause they make all the other stuff happen =P

In honour of DA's 11 years of awesomeness I'm going to feature art and deviants who have made my 7 years ... memorable :D

So without a moment to loose, heres the first eleventy...**
**This list would be immense if I could add everyone, this is in no way intended to exclude anybody as I love you all :heart: and the lists are in no particular order.


Either for their incredible tenacity, devotion, talent and all round awesomeness.

:heart: :iconsashageorge: :heart:
Sasha and I have known each other for 6 years now, and she is my near sister along with Lucy.  Shes just given birth to her 3rd baby Elizabeth on the 21st July.  Not only is she an incredible woman, but also a devoted caring friend and mother who sees beauty wherever she looks.

:heart: :iconweavingmagic: :heart:
Lucy is my other near sister, a constant companion on this incredible journey and somebody for whom I am eternally proud to share my soul with.  Like Sasha, she oozes talent, love and caring!
New ID by WeavingMagicThe Herbalist by WeavingMagicPatty O'Porker by WeavingMagic

:heart: :iconravynnephelan: :heart:
Michele-Lee manages to make me find answers for questions I didn't even know I was asking, showing me possibilities  I never dreamt possible.  Her vision and imagination takes me to worlds where anything is possible, and everything is ultimately connected. For this she deserves a place on any list of this nature!

:heart: :iconvkacademy: :heart:
Sophie, better known as lockstock is a woman who has inspired me from day 1 of being on DA.  Artist and model she was one of the main reasons I first tried creating stock, and for that, I thank her as its opened up many exciting new opportunities for me.  Even now she and her husband Tim inspire me through the incredible work they do with rescue animals!
EARTH by vkacademyVENUS by vkacademySaint Sophia by vkacademy

:heart: :iconmoonbeam13: :heart:
One of the most prominent and much loved first ladies of DA.  Danie is a complete force for good, and all round incredible inspiration to not just me, but to anybody shes had contact with.  Every year she completes the walk for the "weekend to end breast cancer" inspirational in itself, but also a beacon of hope.  Having been affected by the loss of my mother-in-law from breast cancer I can only say a deep thank you to Danie for all her incredible hard work and dedication.
Yoda by Moonbeam13devidwhat by Moonbeam13Surviving by Moonbeam13

:heart: :iconairage: :heart:
I don't know Robert, but I do know his artwork. He deserves a place in this list becasue the simple fact of the matter is that every day, countless of times I look up at his artwork framed and hung on the wall in my livingroom, and I am inspired.  
View over Coreign by aiRaGec3x by aiRaGesea of lights by aiRaGe

:heart: :iconamazonofexeter: :heart:
Each day this crazy elfboi teaches me perseverance, patience, and the joy of terrible puns. Hes the brother my mother never had. (Probably a good thing...  =P ) His perseverance in the face of innumerable obstacles along his own life path, make appreciate all the more how honest, and true, and talented he really is.
Marsh Tit Landing by AmazonofexeterAncient Beech by AmazonofexeterStonehenge Sunset panorama by Amazonofexeter

:heart: :iconnebezial: :heart:
I have piles of Witchblade comics in my house.  The sheer styling of Stjepan's artwork never ceases to make my brain go OOOHHHH a lot.  The dramatic effects and depth of detail in his artworks gives him an outright place on my list here. Thank you for bringing one of my favourite comics to life!

Mature Content

witchblade variant by nebezial
witchblade danielle, top cow by nebezial

Mature Content

broken trinity 1 sdcc variant by nebezial

:heart: :icontigaer: :heart:
Another sci fi/futuristic artist who sets my brain on fire with the epicness and sheer scale of his artwork.  If I could dive into his paintings and explore the worlds he creates, I'd be a happy girl!

:heart: :iconlindowyn: :heart:
Talented photographer, talented artist, and all round badass sassy chick.  No matter what kind of crap life throws her way Ash picks herself out of the dust, wipes the blood of her chin, and says a big fuck you with her fists up.  If that isn't inspiration in itself I don't know what is!
Phantom Queen: Badb by LindowynCommune by LindowynAin't Gonna Run by Lindowyn

:heart: :iconlillyxandra: :heart:
Costumes. To. Die. For.  Nuff said.  JoEllen also known as Lillyxandra is well known in the cosplay community for her ridiculous amounts of imagination to craft the works of art she makes.  I've been a secret admirer of her costumes for a very long time, and so for that she more than deserves a place on this list of awesomeness :D
The Queen Titania Fairy by LillyxandraEyes in the Morning Sun by LillyxandraTerra Dragoon Warrior by Lillyxandra

To them all, and to everyone else who inspires me, thank you.  Happy 11th birthday DA!!!

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What a beautiful Feature!!! not just in images but words :heart:
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I had a hard time finding the right words without coming across like a completely soppy idiot lol
Sophia-Christina Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2011
hehe soppy is fun now and then but you did a good job ;)
Elandria Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2011  Professional General Artist
:D :love:
SilEnigmaArts Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A wonderful tribute to those who have inspired your work, your time and memories here in DA Lanny.
Happy DA Birthday :party: :cake:
Elandria Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2011  Professional General Artist
:huggle: :party:
Mihorrorshow Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2011   Filmographer
Dang i only got 4 years
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Aww well, heres to another 4 for you :D :beer:
Mihorrorshow Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2011   Filmographer
thanks It's feel like one year tho.
Endorell-Taelos Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2011   General Artist
Those are all very awesome. :la:
Elandria Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2011  Professional General Artist
Yes they are!! :D
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