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Oook Tribute to Terry Pratchett by maiarcita

I know there are millions of us worldwide who are deeply saddened by the loss of Sir Terry Pratchett.
Just wanted to share this beautiful tribute to him made by maiarcita which shows more clearly than any words I could write how much he will be missed by his fans.
The discworld will live on :heart:

Terry Pratchett
28 April 1948 – 12 March 2015

Stock Radar #13

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 14, 2015, 6:45 AM

The Stock and Resources gallery on DeviantART is a digital treasure trove, filled from top to bottom with creative, imaginative, beautiful, unique and inspirational images - all waiting for you to turn them into masterpieces. Heres just some that caught my eye and my imagination over the past few days.

Stock and Resource providers are incredibly generous with their skills and time providing all these wonderful things for you to use, please don't forget to read their terms of use and to credit them correctly when you use their work!!

Stock Radar Archive
Stock Radar #1 | Stock Radar #2 | Stock Radar #3 | Stock Radar #4 | Stock Radar #5 | Stock Radar #6
Stock Radar #7 | Stock Radar #8 | Stock Radar #9 | Stock Radar #10 | Stock Radar #11 | Stock Radar #12 | Stock Radar #13

Summer Stock 16 by Malleni-Stock STOCK- Oriental Gothic Fantasy by Apsara-Stock
Bridge by yasminstock
Autumn process by shilin
Appaloosa Stock by xxMysteryStockxx
Stock 1 by Estelle-Photographie Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia by EveLivesey
Oregon 22 by PirateLotus-Stock
Space Background Stock Pack by QAuZ
DieNessel Stock. Plaque by DieNessel
Winter Forest with Fog 04 by kuschelirmel-stock
Lady in red by 13-Melissa-Salvatore Tree House by OghamMoon
Fairy Fancy 7 by marasmic-stock
Premium Texture Pack XXII by Sirius-sdz
Austria 6 by Sky-of-Silver
Queen in thought (2015) by QueenWerandra Stock by La-Catalina
Warrior 1 by landkeks-stock
Winter Places by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK
On the Hunt Stock Photo by LuDa-Stock
Brush Set 21 by glassthroughskin
Angel 2 by kirilee
blue gears by 13-Melissa-Salvatore Ballerina Stock2 by CarrieGrr
powerful sovereign by Quiet-bliss
Stock: 2 Months Old Tigerboy by Oniendra
Ocean Tutorial by Bonvanello            1. How to paint rocks and stones by Naia-Art           Making Of Texture 254 by mercurycode          Bird Blending Tutorial by HaleyDesigns
Hobbit stock 3 by Laternamagica-studio
STORMY by jlior
TsaoShin Full Brushes Set by TsaoShin
Arctic Fox Stock 9 by HOTNStock
Digital Texture Artwork 265 by mercurycode Digital Art Texture 247 by mercurycode
Kitty by Quiet-bliss
Texture 154 by Malleni-Stock

Huge congrats to everyone who took part in the 2014 Critmas challenge!! 


Mature Content

  The Gingerbread HouseDisclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to anyone, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The author owns exclusive rights to this story.
Two sides lay flat against the unyielding surface beneath, perfectly shaped squares cut into them at evenly spaced intervals. Each square was quartered, slats of uniform thickness separating the pieces so that it was perfectly symmetrical. A third side lay separately, completely whole and untouched, while a fourth had an arch carved into it. Reaching from the bottom to the middle, the archway was perfectly centered. Two triangles rested nearby, a nearly-perfect circle cut into the center of each one.
Smiling as he set the Exacto blade down on the counter, Jim could not help but feel a little prideful of his work. He turned to the box of confections sitting unopened on the counter, its bounty carefully hidden away until it was ready to be perfectly positioned. His mouth watered at the thought of the succulen

Mature Content


Tigger by HigurashiKarly Minecraft grass block by HigurashiKarly Kawaii Christmas Snowmen by HigurashiKarly 


Tree of Wisdom by ObsydianDreamer  Evening in ParisIt seems fitting that Olivia wanted her ashes scattered in the city of love. From where I stand on Pont d’Iena, the beauty of Paris is undeniable.
The sky, nut-brown from the lamp-lit streets, is an ocean of stars; the Eiffel Tower stands as a golden lighthouse. Around, lovers walk the cobblestone streets, hand in hand.
I see this beauty, but it does not move me like it once would have, for my evening smells like sadness and tastes like grief.
In my hands, I hold her ashes. In my chest, my heart rips.
Although it breaks me, I do what I promised her. I twist the lid, and set her free.
 Dearly Departed by ObsydianDreamer  


life is not meant to be wasted by kerrybush42  the words that got awaythe words are running
away from me, far from my open
mouth. I wanted to show you how much I loved you, but I
the words caught us at a bad
time, sweet one, and I only bring peace to you now.
that's all this love will allow:
solitude and loneliness. happiness, it
seems, is yesterday's
talk. yesterday, when the words were within my
reach and not far away, down your
throat, cheering as they sped
through dusty corridors. yesterday was a lovely
time to be alive; to thrive, even.
now all I can do is wilt
as I run, trying to catch up
with the words that got away.
I'm so tired of chasing down these
 Jessica by kerrybush42


Warm Hugs and Love

Thu Dec 25, 2014, 5:33 AM by Elandria:iconelandria:


On behalf of all of the Stock and Resources Community, I wish you all magical, love filled Seasons Greetings, no matter how or where or what you celebrate :love: 

To all of you who support each other in this digital wonderland, I wish you endless and boundless imagination! May 2015 bring you new and exciting opportunities, a whole new level of creativity and fulfillment of your dreams!  No pressure 2015! :D

Much love and warm hugs to you all! Thank you for supporting PirateLotus-Stock, CelticStrm-Stock and I over the last 12 months! :love: 

Lanny xxxx




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Stock Radar #12

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 19, 2014, 7:28 AM

The Stock and Resources gallery on DeviantART is a digital treasure trove, filled from top to bottom with creative, imaginative, beautiful, unique and inspirational images - all waiting for you to turn them into masterpieces. Heres just some that caught my eye and my imagination over the past few days.

Stock and Resource providers are incredibly generous with their skills and time providing all these wonderful things for you to use, please don't forget to read their terms of use and to credit them correctly when you use their work!!

Stock Radar Archive
Stock Radar #1 | Stock Radar #2 | Stock Radar #3 | Stock Radar #4 | Stock Radar #5 | Stock Radar #6
Stock Radar #7 | Stock Radar #8 | Stock Radar #9 | Stock Radar #10 | Stock Radar #11 | Stock Radar #12 | Stock Radar #13

Haunted Inspiration by anettfrozen Sound horizon marchen Elise by 13-Melissa-Salvatore
Muenchen by Mocris
Medieval Architecture Brushpack and Shapes by DrD-no
Sidesaddle Friesian_1 by CalyHoney
Textur2 London by Mocris
Nature Stock - Stone Circle by Pau-Norontaus
Stock: Winter's footsteps by Celem IMG_1734 by nudagimo
Feeling Blue Action by kuschelirmel-stock
Paganistka by paganistka
Starlight125 by Breathless-dk
Pagoda by IdunaHayaPhotography
Texture 638 Step by Step by Sirius-sdz lazy brush set by vesner  Manip Tips + Tricks - Glow Effect by kuschelirmel-stock  Chromatic Aberration Tutorial by KR0NPR1NZ  Nose tutorial by sakimichan
Sailboat by Premier1er-Stock
Gothic beauty by Amarie-Tinuviel Christmas Tree by NellyGraceNG
STOCK - Romantic Couple by LienSkullova
Nymph 06 by KittyTheCat-Stock
Baby Banana Ball 3 by FearBeforeValor
Stock 245 by UmbraDeNoapte-Stock Old church II by asaph70
Snow 6 by faestock
Arbor 18 by MASYON
Digital Art Texture 022 by amethystmstock
Snowy Forest by AustriaAngloAlliance
Texture 7 by IdunaHayaPhotography Peace and Quiet by PzychoStock
Frozen tree by Esveeka-Stock

Some things we should talk about

Mon Dec 1, 2014, 7:10 AM by Elandria:iconelandria:


This journal is here to highlight, debug and bust some myths for you all of stuff that goes on ALL the time, and is in part spurred by some recent events that leave me somewhat baffled and perplexed over some of the behavior we've been recently seeing across the DA communities, particularly Stock & Resources, and Photomanip since we work so closely together (and its apparently time I wrote a new wall of text to you all.)

Every community has them.  Those constant "issues" that make people angry and frustrated. Sometimes they can be easily solved with a little effort, and other times something just snaps and causes reactions that are far and away over the top.  Here are some of our top faves.

Its time for everyone to take a nice soothing deep breath, its a long one!
There will be a test at the end. :stare:

OMG WHY DID YOU SEND YOUR REPLY TO PirateLotus-Stock and CelticStrm-Stock AS WELL??

Hello, welcome to TEAM Stock and Resources!   

We regularly share information between us which might affect our community, we talk via Skype on a daily basis, and we take action as part of a wider team of volunteers and staff members FOR YOU. BECAUSE OF YOU, BECAUSE WE CARE ABOUT YOUR DEVIANTART EXPERIENCE. No matter what you think about our ulterior motives :P (there is no free cake or holidays in Hawaii, just sayin.)

We know there are tons of things you want to see improved and fixed and changed, we want to see them too! To that end, we copy each other in on note replies or comments a lot, don't take it personally.  We do it because we can't always notice/talk to/look at every single thing on the site that might affect the community and the individual artists that community is comprised of - there is just a few of us and a whole great big ton of you lot.

SOLUTION: Don't be offended by us copying other people into a reply or a comment, its for your or their benefit to see the information, and saves us time having to repeat stuff.
You can be in our team too, theres just one rule, you can't talk about it. You never talk about.. no wait thats the other one. 
You CAN talk about our team, you can talk to us about our team too!   Don't be afraid of the team. We give hugs.   The most important thing about our team is communication.  We rely on it.  We can't fix things that make you pissed off and angry or happy and excited if you don't tell us why you are pissed off and angry or happy and excited. ALL OF THE FEELS!

THATS IT I QUIT!!!!!!!!!!

This is in part directed to the young lady who rage quit yesterday because I asked her as a stock provider to remove a copyrighted image from her work that infringed my terms of use, and the terms of use of several other stock providers, and the copyright policy of DA.

To everyone who has ever done this - Rage quitting is only punishing yourself - and thats the only thing you are going to achieve by doing this, so why do it?  If your purpose in rage quitting is to make somebody else feel guilty about something you did, or to get sympathy and attention - then I encourage you to think seriously about your actions and your reasons for doing them.

With the legitimate stock issue, the simple fact is that you really aren't unique.  The majority of stock providers and photomanipulators will tell ANYBODY who does this to remove the infringing images from their work if they use our stock or they recognize the copyrighted content.  We shouldn't have to, but we do.  We try our best to support and encourage artists to work with legitimate stock that protects them, and their artwork. Which in turn promotes a level of integrity and quality which everyone benefits from and appreciates.

SOLUTION: Use legit stock from the get go, make good artwork, be proud of your work, don't ever EVER rely on anybody else to give you recognition or validation or pats on the back for being so clever and talented and yes for heavens sake tripple flippin check things if you are not sure or just don't use it! 
Don't rage quit, be responsible for yourself, and don't guilt trip others for things you do to yourself.

PRO TIP: Only YOU decide what images you use from what sources in your artwork.  Its your responsibility to make sure they are legit, not mine or any one elses.


Welp, congratulations for copy pasting all that stuff in that wall of text to me which does nothing but waste your time trying to look cleverer than I am. :thumbsup:  

Its the worst kept secret of the internet age.  You are welcome to say whatever you want, however you want to say it, its very true. Of course that is the brilliance of free speech and anonymity - who cares if the person you are bitching about behind their backs might see your PUBLIC posts, you don't have to look them in the eye, or take responsibility right? 

The only problem is whilst you are exercising your right to free speech you are forgetting about your right to listen and understand and empathize with the people you are "free speaking" at.  You don't have to concern yourself for how they will feel afterwards, or how they will still have to put a brave face on it and talk to you and in the case of somebody volunteering their time freely for you, to support you, pretending they didn't see the pretty hurtful and thoughtless things you wrote - and thats never going to be ok in my book.

SOLUTION: Walk a mile in their shoes.  If you have a problem - be that with a community, or an individual or a group of people ALWAYS talk to them directly.  Resolve the matter WITH them like an adult, make the problem you had become a solution for EVERYONE. 
And if you absolutely must must must tell your mates about how terrible "so and so" was to you, or how they dared to call you out for acting like an asshat in public, or them not doing a good enough "job" in your opinion - do yourself a favor don't do it in a public location. :no: 

Responsibility for public comments and their effects starts with each and every one of us. EVERYONE has things they are dealing with that you and your free speech don't even know about.  Be responsible for your words and actions - be mindful of their effects. 

PRO TIP: They lied to us when they said words will never hurt.


I am a long standing fan of a very simple response to this one.  

If you saw them jumping off a bridge because nobody has caught them yet, would you do it too?

Copying somebody elses actions when you know full well that what they are doing is wrong, doesn't make what you do right by default.  Theres just no excuse in this bracket that will ever work. :no:

SOLUTION: Learn from those who set a good example.  BE a good example for others.


No.  If somebody doesn't understand the rules, or they don't understand copyright or how the community works SHOW THEM.  Explain, how the system works, show them where they can get information from to learn.

Solution: BE a good example for others.  HELP people who don't understand -  to understand, to become PART of this community.  Those kids that post anime renders and celeb images - they are just sharing the things they are passionate about.  It might be in the wrong place, and ignoring some very basic copyright rules, but they are doing the same thing you do, something they clearly love to do, just like you do. 
Don't punish them for that passion and enthusiasm, they grow up and learn and mature just like you did to become artists who post original creative work, backed by the support of thousands of artists who came before them and learnt the same way.


I lied, no test.

Ultimately much of this should go without saying.  Its all common sense and maturity and dealing with things in an adult manner.  How you act will far often outweigh what your artwork looks like or how people look up to you or how many watchers you have. 

If like me sometimes you slip up and make mistakes but try your best no matter how difficult the situation is then I salute you, because it takes guts to get up and carry on and be mature about some situations that crop up - some days the test is really bloody hard - but its worth it.

SOLUTION: Be respectful to each other and be responsible for your own self, because nobody else can do that for you.





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Please help if you can!

This is Minzi, pet kitty of our good friends Quoth-Raven and LazyEgg Unfortunately Minzi has been hit by a car :( :( :( 

The estimated cost for getting her the necessary surgery to fix her pelvis is around £4000 so they are asking for any amount of donations as people can manage to help them

GoFundMe page is here -

Every donation or share is deeply appreciated :heart: 

Mascot/Logo Competition with $400 in prize money!

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 12, 2014, 9:03 AM

Ada Rebirth - The Ada Mascot Competition

Spreading the word on this great competition being run by GNOGA, check out the details!

What is GNOGA?

GNOGA is an Open-Source Mission-Critical Cloud, Desktop and Mobile Application Development Framework

Gnoga offers real-time server, desktop, mobile and web apps with push capability written across the application stack in Ada, the time-tested, safe and secure programming language designed for large scale long lived maintainable systems.

Gnoga has the simple ability to write and push data like Node.JS, the stability of compiled Ada applications, the full spectrum use of the browsers rendering capabilities without the need to use JavaScript or HTML, the database simplicity of Ruby on Rails and the ability to target any platform Ada can run or through the cloud to any modern device with a web browser.

For full information see their main site here -

Competition Details

GNOGA is looking for a modern slick Ada mascot that can be used cross media.


:bulletgreen: All submissions must be original and you agree are public domain on submission
:bulletgreen: It must be a "being", man, animal, machine or other
:bulletgreen: Ideally expresses something powerful, sleek and precise, but not a requirement to be considered. (Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace and the Ada Language would be places for ideas)
:bulletgreen: It should be "vector art" or something that can be traced (and so pixel dense enough) for vectors later to be used in various media formats.
:bulletgreen: Not a requirement, but line art is always positive or something that can easily be used with many color schemes.
:bulletgreen: Deadline - Feb 14, 2015 - Valentines Day in honor of the Lady Lovelace :)
:bulletgreen: Winner to be announced on Friday, Feb 27 2015
:bulletgreen: A panel of judges will be selected and announced and submissions will be posted for public comments from Feb 15-27 at
:bulletgreen: Send submissions by e-mail to


Winning entry will receive $400 courtesy of the competitions sponsors!!

For full information and prize updates please see the main competition page: or email

Stock Radar #11

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 4, 2014, 2:29 AM

The Stock and Resources gallery on DeviantART is a digital treasure trove, filled from top to bottom with creative, imaginative, beautiful, unique and inspirational images - all waiting for you to turn them into masterpieces. Heres just some that caught my eye and my imagination over the past few days.

Stock and Resource providers are incredibly generous with their skills and time providing all these wonderful things for you to use, please don't forget to read their terms of use and to credit them correctly when you use their work!!

Stock Radar Archive
Stock Radar #1 | Stock Radar #2 | Stock Radar #3 | Stock Radar #4 | Stock Radar #5 | Stock Radar #6
Stock Radar #7 | Stock Radar #8 | Stock Radar #9 | Stock Radar #10 | Stock Radar #11 | Stock Radar #12 | Stock Radar #13

clock by xxcaramelxx apple girl 24 by yellowicous-stock
The Secret forest_6 by anastasiya-landa
Medieval maidens and horse by Dewfooter
Zummerfish's Lightbeams Brushes by zummerfish
RI Ta by Alexlexs         Tutorial - Illuminated Window by neverdying
Sunny forest by FrantisekSpurny
Reading in the Park 5 by Ceridwynne
Window ledge (stock) (2014) by QueenWerandra Zar 3 by Chance-STOCK
Rhineland Castle stock 01 by Castlemoor-stock
Marelune, Romane et le chien by stock-foto-graf-hi
Free Fractal Stock Reflecting Scales (PNG) by Hexe78           Step 3. Cell Shading Tutorial by SarahScala
Jellyfish by The-Bardess
Coloured Cob 7. by xrockinrobynstock
Stock - Fairy tale Fantasy Snow white roses 2 by S-T-A-R-gazer
snow fairy by jlior -------------- by 13-Melissa-Salvatore
DSC 0195 01 Barn Owl by wintersmagicstock
Ivy Border by Jantiff-Stocks
Light in the tempel by petronellavanree
Planet Maker 3000 tutorial by KuldarLeement Grass Tutorial by SarahScala
daemon by kozyafffka
Masquerade Angel Stock 2 by Tris-Marie Tempest Friesian Horse Stock11 by blue-eyed-book-lover
smokey black gypsy vanner rear + buck by slime-stock
Windy Cathy Earnshaw (2014) by QueenWerandra
Arbor 7 by MASYON
Texture 608 by Sirius-sdz Digital Art Texture 217 by mercurycode
Church ceiling by LaurensStock
Cat Stock 078 by Malleni-Stock
Forest-stock-prem26 by At-Stock Highgate 2 054 by photodash


If so we need you!

We are in the process of compiling a folder in :iconstockandresources: for all Stock and Resources Daily Deviations.  It doesn't matter when you received it!   We are slowly working our way through our own DD collections however, you can also request your DD to be submitted which helps us! 

Go to the StockandResources Daily Deviation folder here - 


and click on the "+ submit to this folder" button on the right hand side at the top

Select your work that was given a Daily Deviation from your gallery list in the window that opens up (needs to be a DD from the stock and resources gallery obviously :P ) and request for it (or them if you have a few) to be submitted :D

Whilst our official unofficial Community Relations directed S&R group does not normally accept submissions (except for contests) we feel that in the case of our community Daily Deviations they are the best way of promoting the excellence, quality and diversity of our gallery and helps to bring additional spotlights onto the incredibly hard work that you all do so well.

Daily Deviation Suggestions

We've noticed recently a drop in suggestions we are receiving from the community for Daily Deviations, and just want to remind everyone it only takes a moment to suggest somebody's work if it meets our criteria, and don't forget we also accept self suggestions if you think your latest pieces are examples of your very best work! 

Suggesting only takes a note with a thumbnail to the work and a few words if you wish, please do though mark the subject line as "DD suggestion" as it helps us catch them faster :) 





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Stock and Res DD Roundup Sept 2014

Wed Oct 1, 2014, 7:02 AM
Features by PirateLotus-Stock

Sunset 9 by queenofeagles
Summoning the Storm by TokiSeraph Owl Stock 07 by NellyGraceNG
Boat garage and fish boat by A1Z2E3R
Fire 2 by Panopticon-Stock
bateleur by netbandit Alaska Beach 7 by prints-of-stock
84 by MASYON
Drippy Candle 43 by RachgracehStock

Features by CelticStrm-Stock

fractal backgrounds pack1 by KPEKEP How I hand-stitch Paw Pads by dot-DOLLUnicorn 01 PNG Stock by Roys-Art
Los Angeles Country museum of art by Maxkids
Tiger Stock 3 by GloomWriter
Waterfall in Krka by EnniArt
Lotte by CapturedForInfinity
Magical mist by HikariTori
Where are you [Stock] by IvaxXx
Gorilla 017 by MonsterBrand-stock
Background 86 by Sisterslaughter165  White Witch 7 by Mihaela-VStock
Full metal jacket 6 by inferno-sensus
Muffin Rock by Whimseystock
Leaves by CananStock

Russian version of the little mermaid by 13-Melissa-Salvatore

Features by Elandria

My Cloud Brushes by AuroraLion HOW TO MAKE YOUR ART LOOK NICE: Reference n Style by trotroy Pixel Icon Tutorial by xiuemi
DSC 0129 August Evening 2 by wintersmagicstock
Vintage siblings by PiratedPictures Sniper STOCK XIX by PhelanDavion
Stream 14 by veryevilmastermind

Illuminated World Contest

Thu Sep 25, 2014, 9:34 AM by Elandria:iconelandria:


Don't miss out on our Stock and Resources
:iconprojecteducate: Contest!

Click the Journal link below for all of the contest details!




Semi-official Community Relations group for the Stock and Resources Galleries on dA. Your hub for Stock and Resources Daily Deviations, Articles, Contests, Challenges and news.

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Stock and Resources PE Wrap Up 2014

Sun Sep 21, 2014, 6:00 PM by Elandria:iconelandria:

A Guide to Tutorials

Fri Sep 19, 2014, 1:00 PM by Elandria:iconelandria:

Stock & Resources

So, you want to make an awesome tutorial for your friends, and anybody else who might be interested in your style/techniques/skills/programming/designing ...

There are some essentials you are going to want to keep in mind when you make your tutorial.

:bulletpink:Its not just a bunch of text and some pictures (OK it is, but theres more you could do! )

:bulletpink: Its not just a few quick tips or pointers for a friend who asked you for some more details (OK it is, but its more than that! )

:bulletpink: Its not just some work in progress screenshots/photos of your next big project (OK it is, but its SO MUCH more than that!!)

Don't forget, great design IS ART!


DeviantART is predominantly an English language website.  However, DeviantART is a global community, so not everyone can read English fluently.  Make sure your use of language is going to reach as many people as possible so try to be concise when you are explaining steps or techniques. 

If English isn't something you are particularly fluent in, GET SOMEBODY WHO IS TO CHECK IT!!  They will be able to spot grammatical problems, typos and other readability errors for you which will improve your tutorial 100%.

Interweb speak is fun, but it is useless at conveying complex directions or information - avoid at all costs! There are 26 letters in the English alphabet, and over a quarter of a million distinct English words. Please make use of them!

:bulletgreen: DYK - One of the main reasons tutorials get declined for Daily Deviation features is because of spelling errors, typos and readability problems! :bulletgreen:


If your tutorial suddenly develops a life of its own, grows additional limbs and tries to eat your cat when you are putting it together, consider condensing your steps or breaking your tutorial down into a series of smaller tutorials. 

Don't forget very lengthy tutorials packed full of information can actually be off putting, as much as a wall of text can be or a deal made with Crowley.


Most tutorials will consist in equal parts of images and written text, with the exception of literature tutorials which may still contain images to break up the literature content. 

Your job as the tutorial creator is to present your information in the most engaging, understandable, readable format.  How you do this is up to you, but the important thing is to make an effort.  Don't just slap your unedited phone pictures onto a blank document and scribble around them!

DESIGN ---- Fonts

Font font font. Even if you produce the most incredible fact filled tutorial on the planet, if you choose the wrong font or font size the chances are you will completely put off all but the most patient of readers. 

Choose wisely! Some font types to avoid are things like heavy script/handwriting fonts and fancy fonts. You want your tutorial to be legible! 

Further, whilst choosing to hand write your tutorial steps (rather than using a handwriting font) can be cute and give a tutorial a lot of character, it can be another big offput.   Hand written text is never going to be as neat as you think it is.

:bulletgreen: DYK - Another main reason for tutorials being declined for Daily Deviations is because of font choice, colour and text size!:bulletgreen:

DESIGN ---- Images

A Picture paints a thousand words.  In a tutorial where you are using images as a significant part of explaining and showing how to do something it is VITAL that they are clear, in focus and actually show the thing you are trying to explain.

Crop your images to properly focus on the important aspect.  Edit your images to make sure they are well exposed and sharp.  Take the time to take photos with a camera rather than using your phone - unless you have the knowledge and ability to take good photos using your phone.

CREDIT YOUR SOURCES! ALWAYS credit source stock images if you are using anybody elses work to illustrate your tutorial.  No matter how small.  Not crediting is considered a cardinal sin, and you tutorial won't even be considered for a Daily Deviation without any necessary credits.  Even if all the images are your own. Say so then there is absolutely no confusion!

:bulletgreen: DYK -  Images can seriously let down an otherwise good tutorial and is another big reason why they might be declined for a Daily Deviation. :bulletgreen:


Your actual content, the thing you are creating the tutorial for is above and beyond the most essential element. 

Nobody wants to know how many times a day you check your Facebook account, but they do want to know how many layers you might have in your digital artwork, or how you effectively used that kind of paint on that type of canvas. 

This is an ART website for ARTists - no matter their skill level, and this is your target audience when you post your tutorial to the site.

TL;DR - Your tutorials showcase your art

Just as all of your gallery showcases your artwork, so do your tutorials.  Whenever you use your art as an example of a technique or skill, or display it in a way that scrutinizes an element or the over all effect,  it becomes a reflection of yourself and of your abilities to present yourself in a professional manner - so make some effort! 

You never know when a well written tutorial might be featured by an external tutorial site and go viral, so make sure they look great! :thumbsup:


Here are some beautifully designed and presented tutorials!

Female to Male Crossplay Makeup Tutorial by Vilya0 Tutorial: Cake Layering by cakecrumbs Polymer Clay Chocolate Chip Cookies Tutorial by Talty
Do's and Don'ts of Stock Photography by Tasastock The Lighting Tutorial - Part 1 by kuschelirmel-stock Photomanipulation Tutorial  on blending by tamaraR
Tutorial #18 : A possible path on the color map by AquaSixio Cloud Tutorial Part 1 by yuumei Can/ Soda Tab Chainmail Vambrace Tutorial by kirilee
Creating a City Tutorial by TylerEdlinArt Painting metal by yigitkoroglu Let me Catch a Walkthrough by Norke
Know your Basics - PerspectivePerspective comes in different forms, the most obvious & basic of which is the use of the word in relation to the appearance of relative orientation in a three dimensional space. At first, it may seem irrelevant to photomanipulators, (because, hey, the photographs already are perspectively sound,) but putting more than one photograph in context requires that you learn to see what makes sense and what doesn't.
The Technical Stuff

Perspective (from Latin perspicere, to see through) in the graphic arts, such as drawing, is an approximate  representation, on a flat surface (such as paper), of an image as it is seen by the eye. The two most characteristic features of  perspective are that objects are drawn:
Smaller as their distance from the observer increasesForeshortened: the size of an object's dimensions along the line of
sight are relatively shorter than dimensions acro
Planning the Evil Plot
A half-guide, half-narrative on writing a story
brought to you by Super Editor

Before I start writing, I like to have some idea of where I'm starting, where I'm going, and how I'm going to end up there. Let's say that I want to write a comedy about an author who suddenly changes places with her Mary Sue. I usually jot down some basic ideas:
Sarah, the author: ~13 years old, average-looking, glasses, rather tall and gangly
Ellemere, the Mary Sue: ~16 years old, long flowing hair, violet eyes, etc.
Forrest (Ellemere's love interest) : ~18, stereotypical pretty boy who is too dark and broody to make a good love interest
Leon: ~17, Ellemere's somewhat dorky friend who falls in love with her but is cast off to side in favor of Forrest
Tangent: For those of you who are confused, the ~ symbol means "about." I think it comes from math.
I like to draw, so I'd probably make doodles of these characters too. Drawing characters is a great way to develop th
Your Character TOO Special?
Is your Special Character

Are you indulging in a few too many "special traits"? Is your story really an excuse to show off your Super Special Character? Are you committing a MARY-SUE/GARY STUE?
--> Dead give-away: Your favorite character is YOU only BETTER!
Who is Mary Sue/Gary Stue?
According to
"Mary Sue / Gary Stue is any original or deeply altered character who represents a slice of their creator's own ego; they are treasured by their creator but only rarely by anyone else. A Mary Sue/Gary Stue is a primadonna (usually, but not always badly-written,) who saps life and realism out of every other character around, taking over the plot and bending canon to serve their selfish purposes."
-- For more details:
The Mary Sue/Gary Stue "Self-Insertion" in Manga Fan-fiction:
According to A

Your tutorials don't have to be boring!
Be creative, but don't forget the design essentials we've talked about above!

Stock Radar #10

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 18, 2014, 6:00 PM

The Stock and Resources gallery on DeviantART is a digital treasure trove, filled from top to bottom with creative, imaginative, beautiful, unique and inspirational images - all waiting for you to turn them into masterpieces. Heres just some that caught my eye and my imagination over the past few days.

Stock and Resource providers are incredibly generous with their skills and time providing all these wonderful things for you to use, please don't forget to read their terms of use and to credit them correctly when you use their work!!

Stock Radar Archive
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Stock 057 by Einheit00
Texture 96 by NinjaRabbit-Stock
Complete Rahll Brushset by Rahll
Smoke Textures by JU5TPeachy
Stock 018 by Einheit00
Red Riding Hood? stock by Kato-Fantasy Steam Photo by 13-Melissa-Salvatore
Matterhorn01_Stock by stock0naturegraph
Sea Rocks by Anariel-Stock
Watercolor paper Guide by jane-beata How To Make A Planet by Fiend-V
Digital Art Texture 209 by mercurycode Stock 280 by lokinststock
Lipizzaner Stallions 20 by Lauren-Lee
Abingdon Stock 16 by Quoth-Raven
Back 2 by Elsapret Swan-wings-2 by Lorinator
Collection of Bottles by RosesLittleSecrets
Remains of St Annes Pier Landing Jetty by kippa2001
water ball1 by mrscats
Red and Black 11 by Kuoma-stock Tudor Stock 5 by DanielleFioreModel
Stock: Turtle Head Peak by Celem
Wast Water 3 by RaeyenIrael-Stock
flowers 1 by jlior
Cemetery angel 2 by dlambeaut Black Kitty [Stock] by IvaxXx
Crystal - Apophylite by Tasastock
Dsc 0024 01 Hever Castle 14 by wintersmagicstock
Skullboy3 by polocola
dungeon 01 by Pagan-Stock Prisoner 2 by BerryBlu
Chillin by alphasoupstock
The Maze 02 by kuschelirmel-stock
Fall by blonboy
Scotland 23 by OghamMoon Armed and Dangerous Stock II by KillerStocks
Arboritum 8 by PirateLotus-Stock
Plaza Espana 2 by EveLivesey


Stock & Resources

Thank you to Aeirmid for being my interviewee!

You've been on DeviantArt for several years now and have been photomanipulating for many of those, in terms of the yearly increase in availability of stock and resources on the site do you feel that it has it helped or hindered your personal creativity?

:iconaeirmid: Yes! In fact, I came to dA as a photomanipulator, LOL! It has been a lot of fun to watch the stock community develop over the years. It has especially been inspiring to watch the stock providers who have been here for a long time grow and change, while maintaining the high quality of their galleries. It has also been inspiring to see newer stock providers who are coming up these days, with their exciting ideas and vision. So, really, I feel like over the 9 years since I joined, the dA stock galleries have inspired me greatly.

One thing that has hindered my personal creativity, though, is the fact that there are a few stock providers who, while incredible providers of stock, tend to be overused. So, it is not the stock itself that hinders my creativity, and it is certainly not the lack of stock, but rather the fact that some stock is so overused that it makes me want to turn to sources outside dA to find something that is fresh.

The Pearl of the Soul of the World by Aeirmid All that I'm Living For by Aeirmid Serenity by Aeirmid

Have you ever been completely wowed by a new stock or resource submission that you've had to simply stop everything else and create art with it? If so, what was the stock or resource?

:iconaeirmid: Yes, but it's been a while. (That's largely due to lack of time on my part, though, rather than to the stock available on dA.) I'm pretty sure that stock was from Elandria or faestock, but I honestly don't remember which one it was. Maybe this one:

Pack 166 Argentum Caeli by Elandria

Many artists complain about frequent similarities in theme/style and "fads" and worse outright copying using the same pieces of stock. Do you think that its more to do with many artists having "wow" moments with newly posted stock or resources (jumping on the new stock bandwagon) or do you feel its more to do with a lack of variety in the stock and resource galleries that simply don't give artists the spark of creativity or variety they may be searching for? (OR even something completely different? )

:iconaeirmid: I think it's just an issue of some stock providers' work being extremely popular. I think that some poses, expressions, etc. inspire similar ideas in photomanipulators. I don't know whether we all just think alike or what, but I don't believe necessarily that just because Deviant1 and Deviant2 do similar deviations that one person necessarily copied the other.

A lot of times it's just an issue of a really great piece of stock provoking similar ideas in a group of people. I don't think that anyone who does something cliche with a particular pose has any right to say someone is copying them if someone else has a similar idea. That being said, clear copying arises when someone does something unique and different with a "cliche" stock image and there turns out to be 10 other deviations just like it with clear influence from the more original piece.

I've had the pleasure of seeing you create several pieces of artwork using stock that I've taken, when you look for images do you have a very specific brief in your head or do you create more organically, looking for images as you need them when your work in progress evolves?

:iconaeirmid: Both. It really just depends. Usually I have a concept and know where to go to get the images that would suit it. Honestly, your stock is amazing. You have great poses and costumery, and I have never had issues with quality problems or anything like that. I can rely on your stock, and I'm really grateful for that.

But yes, usually the process is much more organic than not. I do have a stock stash where I store stock that I find interesting, but the stock I actually use is usually collected at the time of use rather than months beforehand. I do like to hang on to stock that is really clear or that features a unique pose, though.

Lanny by Aeirmid Time is Precious by Aeirmid Ice Meets Fire by Aeirmid

As one of the community volunteers for the Photomanipulation gallery you have had the opportunity to watch styles and themes evolve across the whole gallery. Do you have favorite styles of photomanipulation and do you have any favorite stock that encompasses that theme or style?

:iconaeirmid: Photomanipulation has really evolved over the years, and not always for the better. We tend to become too comfortable with a particular style rather than seeking to redefine the parameters of our art. My favorite style is anything with really great lighting, with a touch of ethereal "glow" perhaps. For this look, a great, perfectly-focused portrait image is super helpful.

A lot of people think that the image does not need to be well-lit if you're going to darken it and make it glow, but honestly lighting in the base stock image makes all the difference in the world.

Sticking with styles, themes and fads, this is a bit of a chicken and egg question. Does stock influence and to some degree dictate the styles/themes/fads of the resulting artwork, or does artwork created with stock influence and to some degree dictate what stock providers post?

:iconaeirmid: I've seen it go both ways. Really unique stock can drive the themes seen in art in a new direction, and I've also seen a lot of stock pop up in response to a couple of really popular pieces of art in a particular style. For example, the "princess" / "lady in long gown" stock images seemed to increase in popularity and frequency following the upsweep in photomanipulations with fantasy themes.

Now, most of the art in the photomanipulation gallery is fantasy-themed, and I think that reflects the themes of the stock images that are really popular. I think it's a vicious cycle. :) (Smile)

You have a great favorites collection called "stock I wanna use" do you get frustrated or inspired when you look through the collection or see new stock being posted?

:iconaeirmid: No, I absolutely get inspired. I just wish I had more time to use it! :D (Big Grin)

As an artist who creates with stock and resources, do you think there are any areas that the S&R community could improve/change/evolve to help artists, do you think we need to become more like the pro stock collections in terms of quality?

:iconaeirmid: I think one of the issues for both of our communities to consider is this: TELL A STORY. Stock is not about taking 10,000 photos of different expressions or poses that don't mean anything. I would challenge stock artists to think about the story they are telling through their work. Yes, photomanipulators can write their own story, but it is a lot more fun to create with stock that is meaningful and created with purpose than a picture of some random person standing there smiling. I hope that makes sense. Heart

As far as quality . . . Yes, I am pretty bad about going off of dA for my stock images. A lot of others do, too, and I think this is because of (1) better quality, e.g. better studio shots, etc., (2) more diversity in themes, and (3) more lenient (in many cases, not all) terms of use. That's why photomanipulators go to outside stock. I am excited about Stock Week on Project Educate, and I can't wait to learn more about the community.

Requiem for a Broken Heart by Aeirmid Losing My Religion by Aeirmid Your Fool by Aeirmid



Stock and Resources

We like to think we are a friendly, approachable and there when you need us community, so for all those new folk trying out submitting stock for the first time, hello and welcome!!!

We are your current stock and resources
community volunteers!

We went ahead and gave each other some interview questions to answer, cause thats how we roll :D

:iconpiratelotus-stock: PirateLotus-Stock Erin

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Sleepy, Sarcastic, Piratelady

You are a broccoli, but a broccoli on a mission to save the world, whats your first plan of action?
I'd be all like "IT'S MORPHIN' TIEM" and I'd get my friends Carrot, Pea, and Spinach and we'd morph into our super cool Veggie Ranger suits and then form the Megaveg and destroy buildings and shit while fighting whatever's threatening the world.

If you could only submit one type of stock for the rest of your DA life, what kind would it be?
Oh, probably model. Actually I kind of hate all the setup and stuff for model stock. But I like it too. I don't know. This is hard. Let's just go with landscape because that means I get to go to places with awesome landscapes!

If you were sitting in a bar and an (outer-space) alien sat down next to you, how would you react?

Tell him sorry, I have a boyfriend...but my boyfriend would love to meet him because he's really interested in aliens (but not that way, sorry again)

What is your favorite sub-gallery in the stock gallery, and why?

It's between Tutorials and Designs & Patterns. I like things that tell you how to do something! Sewing patterns, or a tutorial about how to sew something...that's really cool.

:iconcelticstrm-stock: CelticStrm-Stock Cheryl

Describe yourself in 3 words

Nerdy, Sweet, Stubborn

If you were a cake, what flavor would you be?

 If I was cake, I would be strawberry cake. I love the light and sweet flavor, plus it's super girly, like me!

What do you think is the best part about the stock community?

The best part of the stock community is the generous nature and giving spirit, hands down. I love how we support each other in the good times and the bad. We're always there for each other during the tough times. If there's a contest or something going on, we are each other's cheerleaders. It's a great big family with a shared passion for creating great stock!

You wake up in a room filled with jelly babies, do you A) - eat your way way to an exit ignoring their tiny squeeky screams, or do you B) - unite them in a jelly baby rebellion and get them to carry to you an exit and be forever a jelly baby hero?
I would unite the jelly babies and become Queen of their Universe. :D We would exit the room in a glorious fashion to take over the world. I suspect there may be a brief uprising by the Gummy Bears, but I will dispatch my Jelly Baby minions off on their Gummy Worm steeds to squash the rebellion. After the Great Gummy Wars, we shall live in a fabulously sweet utopia forever!

If there was 1 sub category of stock and resources that you could accidentally on purpose forever delete from memory, what would it be?
The sub category would definitely be Application Resources or one of it's sub categories. :stare:

:iconelandria: Elandria Lanny

Describe yourself in 3 words
Passionate, Silly, Geek

If you fell through a typical romance novel style time portal and landed in a hot medieval guy's castle with your camera, what would you do?

What is this device in my hand? Where is my page and my horse? >.> *sneeks camera under cloak*

How has stock changed since you first became a stock provider? What trends were cool then that aren't now?

Quality has improved phenomenally (I can't spell that word by the way, thank you spell check), I'm not sure that any trends are less cool now than they were 10 years ago, its just that artists are more demanding and creative with similar themes and styles.  There are new fads that we have now that I wish hadn't appeared like celeb images and anime "renders" - go back 5 years and they didn't exist. Precut stock used to be called clipart, and is essentially the same thing only with photographs not illustrations, and premade backgrounds I just don't get since they turn any piece of art into a collaboration since you are using somebody else's skill set and not your own. Like most things however, its down to personal preference, taste, skill and what you enjoy creating, I don't think that will ever change, even if the stock does!

If you were in space, how many stars would you count to til you got bored?

Urm, I was supposed to be counting stars? I'd probably be either too busy throwing up or too busy staring like an idiot at the Earth, but I will guess about 20 :D

What would you change about your own gallery if you could?

I would make everything all shiny, and up to date, and I would fix all the ****ing messed up keyword/tags :stare:

We are the community!
Stock and Resource Providers Front and Center!

So now we challenge you, the rest of our splendid community to introduce yourselves to everyone!

Describe yourself in 3 words

What kind of stock or resources do you provide?

What other hobbies do you have besides making stock?

If you were a superhero, who or what would you have as your sidekick and why?

Best answer to number 4 by the end of the week (21st September) wins 100points! ;)

Project Educate Week imminent!

Tue Sep 2, 2014, 3:24 AM by Elandria:iconelandria:


Stock and Resources Project Educate Week 15th 21st September 2014

Our week is fast (so fast D; ) approaching!!

Thank you to everyone who is currently doing articles for us, we love you, you are magnificent!

:bulletgreen: If any of you are doing articles or interviews and have not yet sent me the link to your item  PLEASE DO SO ASAP so I can add you to the schedule!!!! :bulletgreen:


For more information on what we are looking for with articles and interviews please see our info journal here:
Resources PE Week 15th - 21st SeptWhy Project Educate?
projecteducate is one of our main contact points for all the artists of DeviantArt to come together and educate themselves about a multitude of art related subjects, from techniques and hints and tips to DA specific information and help.  By providing a central location the volunteer team can reach out further into their communities to guide and help more artists than ever before.
But we can't do it alone!
Help and support from as many community members as possible is essential to ensure success, and this is obviously where YOU come in!
Stock and Resources is hosting another Project Educate week this year between the 15th and 21st September, and its really not that far away, and we are looking for your help :)
As a guide here are journals from our 2012 Project Educate week -





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